Monday, February 26, 2007


Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in memory as the wish to forget it.” ~Michel de Montaigne

Yesterday we decided to go out to the horse farm in Glenlean to collect a bit more manure for the garden. As it had been raining the day before we were warned to bring our wellies by ‘E’ (the owner).

The first three snaps are taken on the way out to the farm. I was lucky to catch the photo of the rainbow on the hillside just before our turn off.

This particular farm is very old, very little has changed over the years and when you visit it feels as though you have stepped back in time. So quiet and nestled cosily up against the hillside ~ l wouldn’t mind living there myself.

‘G’ got straight to work, shovelling the manure into bags so ‘S’ and l went for a wander. We walked behind the farm and barns, along a grassy bank and found lots of frogspawn in a shallow gully.
When we got back to where ‘G’ was he asked me to hold one of the bags open, saying, “Be careful where you stand, there is a deep hole over there.” Click here to see conditions. I took one step and lost my shoe - lol - got it back and bent over to help. Just then we heard a strange SQUELCH sound and ‘S’ disappeared!!! He was buried up to his waist in horse slurry and still sinking- arghhh! It was hard not to laugh- we were all in shock and ‘S’ was none to pleased. He’ll not forget that visit in a hurry!
Lucky for us we had an old picnic blanket in the boot of the car, one side of it plastic and it helped to contain the mess. Poor ‘S’ did reek a bit though. Here are some of the things he said as we bundled him into the car wrapped up like a sausage.

“ I didn’t like falling in that moose mummy!” (the word ‘moose’ being a cross between manure, horse and mud-lol.)

“l never want to go back to a farm- l never want to be a farmer!”

“Mummy quick wash my hands- this really isn’t poop, is it?”

“Oh, l want a bath, l want a bath- l don’t want to be covered in this moose!!!”

'G' and l couldn't look at each other all the way home- his lips were twitching something awful and l was having a hard enough time trying to contain myself for 'S'.

Once home we stripped the wee soul at the back door and got him plonked in a bath full of bubbles. Soon he was laughing at the whole thing and telling his nan and sister all about his great adventure. The stuff memories are made of :)

I'll blog more photos of this lovely old place tomorrow :)


Susie said...

Poor little Sam! How awful he must have felt falling in the "moose mummy"
Can't imagine much worse!!
I'm sure that same moose mummy will really make your garden grow!!
Loved the pictures, esp the rainbow.

Pamela said...

Lol! Oh, that is just too funny! I think it is so sweet you all tried to contain yourselves for the ride home. We never would have been so kind. Once our family starts giggling there is no stopping, and actually I have a simular story that happened to me when I was growing up. Everyone was ruthless!

Your countryside is gorgeous! The cows are so plump and different looking...healthy. I love the pic of the horses too, just beautiful! Thanks for sharing and glad you all laugh about it when you got home!

Tammy said...

So funny and so cute is our "S"!!!
I have a horse manure story I may share one day...hehe!!

PEA said...

Oh dear...LOL...poor little Sam! I can just imagine how hard it was not to laugh, though! lol A farm certainly can be quite "messy"!! Such wonderful pictures you're showing us again today...I love visiting old farms like that. xox

Susan said...

Oh poor S. my husband once got licked by a cow, which we thought was hilarious, and he said was not really pleasant!

Susan from Celadon Pool

HLiza said...

Sam is so cute! My daughter will babble the same things if she were there..

Lorraine said...

"Moose mummy"????? ROFL!!!!!!!!
Poor wee S, but still.....

Pretty Lady said...

LOL, Sorry Sammy!
I love the pictures, you are great at it!!
I dream of living on a farm.

Merle said...

Hi Horizon ~~ Poor wee Sam, hard not to laugh but at least he cleaned well. Your photos are terrific and it
is nice to see some of SCotland.
Thank you for your good wishes for my health problem. I think it will be OK. Take care, Sarah, Love, Merle.

Kerri said...

My eyes are leaking tears from the laughter that reading this tale has sparked. LOL
Oh Horizon, poor little Sam! What, no picture of the poor wee lad covered in muck? Yes, that would probably be cruel :)
Thank heavens for the blanket, but at least you got your good supply of "moose". And now we have a new word for it :)
Great pictures! Your countryside is like a dream, with the mountains and all. So beautiful!

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