Sunday, February 25, 2007

Empire State of the South

Betty "Horizon, Your post is so interesting today, especially the bit about 'when I lived in GA, US. You lived in the United States? I live in GA, USA and wonder where you lived. Please put me out of my suspense!"

l lived in Athens, Georgia for one year. Both my older children went to school in Colbert, Georgia. I remember it was 1996 that we were there because Atlanta was in full swing with the Summer Olympics. Both kids really picked up that southern drawl and l remember walking the tree lined streets with majestic antebellum homes (some used as fraternities & sororities for UGA). I used to take 'D' and 'M' via an old fashioned ice cream parlour on the way to a local park- the park had it’s own Black Bears and Owl population.

l lived also in Maine, New England and Texas. Camped in Canada and other States too. l will post more on these later :)


Susie said...

You've seen a great deal of the US..
Looking forward to hearing of your adventures there! Thanks for the linky!!
Congratulations on becoming an Auntie to baby Charlie!

Tammy said...

and don't forget Texas...where you were a "real rancher"!!
Love YOU!!!

PEA said...

Oooooh you camped in my turn to ask "which part"?? lol I think it's wonderful that you experienced living in the States and travelling around:-) xox

Betty said...

Athens is about 25 miles from my daughter's home in Madison. Also my husband and youngest daughter graduated from the Univesity in Athens. My oldest grandson will be a freshman there in the fall.

When we are visiting in Madison we always got to Athens to eat Mexican food.

The Flamingo Room was a well known ice cream and dessert hangout. Would that happen to be where you went? Sadly it went out of business.

The Olympic Flame came through our little town in south Georgia. We got up in the wee hours to go see 1996.

smileymamaT said...

I lived in Maine for many years, at the very, very top. I'm in Eastern Canada now for the last 14 years, and it is beautiful country here too.

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