Monday, February 19, 2007

PC Palaver!

We ordered 'D's' new PC at the end of January- a very nice one with snazzy case and flat screen monitor. He has been needing it for university (software and l am sure a little gaming too :)
We paid the extra £35 for courier deliver within 5-7days and so two weeks pass by and finally it arrives- not good.
'D' came home over the weekend excited at the prospects of setting it all up and me driving him back Sunday with new PC in tow.

The story so far.

On arrival two of the boxes were ripped – the one containing the collection of various leads and stuff quite badly and the box containing the tower had a gouge in its side.
This did not bode well and when we came to put the PC system together it proved to be so.
1. The screen power lead was a 2 pin affair and not usable. We connected the power lead from my husband’s similar screen. That worked.
2. The PC had no power lead supplied with it at all. Again we used the lead from my husband’s computer.
3. The tower is not the one we ordered. We had paid extra for a nice case.
4. Switch on. Nothing. The screen displayed its logo and had power but the PC was as dead as the grave. Yes we tried the wee switches at the front but there is obviously no power coming from the Power supply unit into the computer. Yes we tried changing the leads - it is dead.
We packed the thing back in its box and at present is sitting in our Hall looking rather sorry.

Hubby and 'D' could have gone into the unit and tried to fix it but that would have invalidated the warranty so l have been on the phone all morning trying to sort it out- what a palaver!

As for the rest of the weekend- we got a good amount done on the driveway/garden project. l enjoyed clearing out my rockery area too.


Susan said...

Oh computers,and companies delivery dates, don't you just love it!

Not been able to get Blog ger to work and so I've been lurking for a few weeks until now.

The love lorn birds made my day by the way.

PEA said...

Oh dear, not good at all...when we got our first computer, we had ordered it and the same thing pretty much happened as what happened with Daniel's. It's so frustrating when you've waited so long and then it doesn't work! Hopefully there will be no problems returning it and getting another one! xoxo

Kerri said...

What frustration! I can imagine how disappointing that was after the anticipation! I hope all goes well with the return and exchange for one that actually works!!
The crocus is so pretty to my colour-starved eyes. Thank you!
Love the photo of your handsome boys. They look like you!

Sling said...

That is just sad horizon..What the heck were they thinking,sending a PC without a power cord?..I hope you can get it all straightened out soon.

HLiza said...

It's always scary when we pay a bomb and not get what we're supposed to..

Hillside Garden said...

I allways love to see your children,Horzion!


Kentucky Gal said...

some good lookin' guys in the above picture!!!

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