Friday, March 28, 2008

A breath of fresh air

Last night wee S had a birthday party to attend so hubby and l used the time to go buy some fish & chips and sit by the loch nearby. The air was mild, the water calm and the view was breathtaking. We watched as one ferry sauntered up into the loch to tie up for the night and leave its ripples to wander ashore. Mountain, water and refelctions are good for fish and chips and a wind down.
This is a haven for seabirds and we saw Cormorant, Little Gull, Eider Duck, Herring, Black Backed, Black Headed Gulls, Common Gulls, Wagtails, Oyster Catcher and Curlew in just a few minutes - and of course always a gang of Crows lurking around for anything dead or alive.
The War Memorial in the picture above was erected in the 1920s but now stands precariously close to the water. Over the years it has become a familiar landmark on the shores of this loch- it would be sad to lose. It is a national crisis that so many war memorials are falling in to disrepair and their origin and purpose not passed onto the young. In years gone by streets had their own wall mounted memorials to the war dead of the community. Most are now gone and names and events forgotten.
Enjoy the pictures on the LINK HERE and have a great weekend all!


Jeanette said...

Gday Horizon. Lovely photo's the Loch looks so beautiful and peaceful,and a lovely outlook to enjoy your fish and chips..

Sharon Kay said...

What a wonderful place to have dinner. The view is wonderful and so refreshing. Can I come sit and have fish and chips with you......Sharon K

Kerri said...

I must go down to the sea again....and watch the shore birds, while listening to the waves gently lap on the sand...and eat fish 'n chips.
Breathing a big sigh here, Horizon. Thanks for sharing the moment.
It must've been delightful.

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