Thursday, March 27, 2008

No snow?

click HERE to make your flake.
I watched as little flurries of snow danced past the window yesterday. A bit late in the year with Easter now past but a refreshing pause nonetheless. Little spirals spinning softly, pulled this way and that with winds breath. So beautiful that l just had to stop and listen - a blanket of quiet and then it was gone.
Thanks to my sister-in-law for the poem below- sent this morning. She took my post above and chopped out the prose to find the poem. How nice was that!


Little flurries fly past the window,
spirals spinning softly
with winds breath pulled this way
and that, a blanket of quiet
then gone.


Pearl said...

Such a cute snow angel!!!
We had our share of snow this year.
I am waiting for signs of my lilies to pop up.

Take good care my friend.

celadon2 said...

No snow here, but then it has to be a really hard winter for it to land as we are in a little depression and it often misses us.
Thank you for the kind comments on my knitting.

Kerri said...

I always find something beautiful here on your blog that leaves me smiling. Seeing little S making a snow angel is such a treat :) And you sister's poem is magical. Creativity runs in your family.
Softly falling snow is certainly something to give praise for.
Wishing you peaceful and happy days dear friend.

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