Monday, March 17, 2008

Just a little nutty- and l don't mean the seaweed

This past week l’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster – crying myself through most of the weekend! I haven’t slept well either, feel tired all the time and quite fragile (if that makes sense). The illness in February really knocked me for six and l am still recovering from it- either that or l’m just going a tad loopy- just a tad.
Yesterday we decided to go to a beach not too far from the house but remote enough and quiet. We walked along the stretch of sand, climbed up into the hillside with wee S and sat on the rocks by the water to soak up the sunshine. Unfortunately the batteries in my camera went and so l missed out on some beautiful scenery snaps but perhaps that was a good thing because it gave me the opportunity to just sit and relax.
This morning after taking wee S to school l stopped off at the Health Shop and bought some magnesium/calcium/zinc tablets recommended by my darling sister. These with some fish oil capsules should have me up and running in no time.

Magnesium is just as vital to bones as calcium. It is also vital for muscle function, energy production and for the nervous system.
Heart problems, high blood pressure, fatigue, mental confusion, muscle cramps, PMS, insomnia and high stress levels.
Seaweed, wholegrains, nuts, tofu, dried fruit, fish, eggs and dark green vegetables.

This afternoon l’m headed across the water to take my mum to the hospital for a heart check-up. We’ll probably do some food shopping afterwards so I’d better go and look through the cupboards to see what’s needed. I wonder, do l have any seaweed left?

Dear Doctor Rhyanidd.
I tried your Celtic nutty flavoured sea lettuce with a trace of tangy iodine; vinegar smothered on dulce fish pie and rounded rockweed yogurt smoothie this past week for lunch specials and guess what? They all made me sick! I was pretty cheesed off as it took several weeks of collecting the ingredients from various shores. I also wore through two pair of wellies and had a near collision with an aggrieved sheep that was after the same piece of Kelp! I even sprinkled the smoothie with the dried wild nori meal, specially dried on standing stones by large-breasted women during the full moon, as you suggested. I wish now l just had a bowl of porridge oats instead! Help!


MissKris said...

Hmmmmm...after reading this, I'm wondering if maybe you're into the early stages of perimenopause. I'm not sure how old you are, but I was showing signs of it in my later 30s. If I may, I'm suggesting an herbal supplement for you that helped me tremendously in the early days of symptoms. It's called Black Cohosh and, at least here in the States, it's sold just about anywhere, even WalMart. Darlin' girl...please keep me in your prayers...I'm going in for a hysterectomy at the end of this month. Unfortunately, all of my 'female issues' have finally come to a head and there's no other option. Oh well...I'm being told by every woman I know who's had one it gives them a new lease on life, so I'm certainly hoping it will be that way for me. I was hoping to be here to help out with the new it looks like I'll be recuperating, but hopefully up and ready to take on the two boys when d-i-l goes back to work June 1st. There's always something, isn't there? Hope you feel better soon, dear friend. (((((HUGS)))))

Vintage to Victorian said...

Wasn't scared! When the name Gerald came up at first I thought it was my bro-in-law, but soon realised it wasn't! Besides, I thought I recognised the photo, and was all set to look you up to make sure when I saw your second message.

So sorry to hear you've been so poorly. We both had the flu bug thing for more or less the whole of February, but back to normal now.

I haven't visited you for a long time either, so it was good to catch up with your news although was sorry to read of bereavements.

Good to see you're blogging again - shall come back often now!

Sue (aka bonny lass!)

Susie said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling so emotional. I think after all you've been through, it's fairly normal.
Sending you gentle ((hugs)) and the wish for much happier days..

Lorraine said...

I do hope you start feeling your old self again soon, Horizon. As for the letter, I'm now going to cook up a nice plate of eggs...just as soon as I wipe up the coffee from the keyboard.

Sling said...

Nice to see you out and about in Bloggertown Horizon!
Sorry to hear you not feeling 100% though.
Still,I had to laugh out loud at your letter. :)

Betty said...

I'm so sad that you aren't feeling've been through so much of late.....if thinking good thoughts will make you feel better...girl you are on your way to happy days!

Happy Easter to you as we commemorate our Savior's death and resurrection....Betty

Kerri said...

I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling up to par. I should think those tablets would help a bit.
A walk on the beach would be good medicine for me! Hope it was for you. Through it all I see you haven't lost your sense of humour...which is a very good thing :)
I love the letter :)
Have you tried Melatonin for helping you get to sleep? It works well and doesn't cause a heavy head in the morning. And it's not a drug, but a supplement.

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