Monday, May 29, 2006

Awesome Auntie

My son, Daniel is heading out on holiday to Spain in a couple of weeks. At the last minute he had been let down by a Californian clothing company who would not ship to Scotland. My sister who lives in Brisbane, Australia went out shopping and in one day was able to pick up all the things he needed. Daniel and l were going to pay for this but Awesome Auntie refused and she is posting the stuff pronto ~ just in time for packing. xxx

That's what Aunts are made of

Arms bearing gifts, smiles that lift
Seeker of fun, warm as the sun
Valued wee sis, someone to miss
Birthday well-wisher, big ice cream disher...

That's what Aunts are made of

Hugs filled with heart, a fan from the start
Secrets to share, laughs to spare
Words of praise, generous ways
Grown-up best friend, love never ends...

That's what Aunts are made of

By Teri Harrison


Connie and Rob said...

Your sister sounds like she loves you and your son very much. It is wonderful of you to be so don't always find that in people.

Very nice post.

Take care,

slap me happy said...

Hi sis,
Am sitting eating toast and drinking a warm cuppa at the computer. Loved the blog did not need to do it though sis. Am just about to pack it all up now and post it before 12 noon so it goes overseas today, otherwise would be still in Oz till lunch tomorrow. Hope it all gets there soon. Glad Danny liked the designs too. Now have to do my Mel. Just over 80 days to go lol. Enough time to go around the world in a hot air balloon lol.
Will talk tonight. We are finishing off number 11 today thank the lord huh. No moss on this rolling stone .
love to all

Anonymous said...

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