Wednesday, May 03, 2006

For my lovely wee nephew & his mum

Sometimes we need a booster
to chase the blues away
'n so I hope this message
will brighten up your day

This teddybear I'm sending
with arms outstretched to you
comes with love and laughter
to last the whole day through

He's cuddly and inviting
is sure to bring a smile
delivered in your mailbox
from across the miles

Put to rest your worries
let nothing get you down
this special teddy greeting
should turn that frown around

by Rose Marie Streeter

1 comment:

slap me happy said...

Hi RR,
Thanks for the lovely post. Wee man is sitting with me here at the computer for the first time in a week. Lordy he gave me a nasty fright. But on the mend now sitting here eating a vanilla wafer bikky and drinking a wee cup of apple juice. Ahh life is getting back to normal. Just need some sleep now lol.
Love you sis

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