Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dandelion Wishes

While taking a quiet stroll in the garden my little son followed behind me. His whispered words caught my imagination and l had to turn around.
“I wish… l wish…. l wish.. l had a dog.”
Sammy had been collecting dandelions that had set to seed- oops l thought but had to smile, especially when l saw that he was blowing on them for wishes to come true.
He truly believed ~ oh to be four again and make dandelion wishes! I wish life were so simple.
Interestingly l drink the occasional dandelion herbal tea. You have to watch out though because if you drink too many cups be prepared to visit the ladies often ~ the saying, ‘pee the bed’ is not so far fetched.
The globe shape of a dandelion in seed is called the ‘dandelion clock’. When younger l used to count the amount of puffs it would take to rid the clock of its seeds ~ this number supposedly would tell me what time of day it was.

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