Friday, May 19, 2006

Reign in your kids!

I have used a reign/harness on all three of my children and they are certainly non-the worse for it. I have had a few not so nice looks and comments over the years but on the whole most people could see the sense in using them. I did try a wrist harness on my four year old months back and found myself in a shop for a few seconds trailing the cord ~ Sam had wriggled out of it and was browsing around ~ arrgh! Imagine if that had happened near a busy high street!
I have heard the argument, that it is ‘inhumane’ to use this apparatus on a child but would only agree with that if there were any detrimental affects upon a child’s psyche ~ personally my mother used the harness on me 30+ years ago and apart from my consistent night terrors and mutterings of “can l go now?’, I’m fine. Smile. With the harness your toddler can feel independent ~ they are finally out of the pram and getting exercise too!
The point of these reigns are not to pull, hurt, embarrass or restrict your children in any way but to keep them safe from harm. There are more things that could go wrong without the harness. Only a few pounds and worth every penny ~ children are too precious.


Sorlil said...

Yep it's your sister-in-law! I started a blog a couple of weeks ago and thought I would share it, oh and I completely agree with you on the reigns thing - will definately be making use of them when the time comes.

Alice said...

I vowed I would never use them on my children. That was until we 'mislaid' one of them in a large shopping mall on Easter Saturday. That was it! The reins came next. Trouble was, she would then just walk around me in circles until I was completely restrained.

I'm not sure how we resolved the matter, but she is now 34 years old and definitely none the worse for the experience. I agree, there are far worse things that can happen to a child than having them restrained whilst shopping.

Thank you for your comment on my blog. Which State in Australia does your sister live?

HORIZON said...

My sister lives in Brisbane, QLD. She is hoping to come over this summer with her family so am looking forward to that.
Liked your comments on the harness, made me smile.
So your daughter was running rings around you even then?

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