Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tell it like it is

The hedgehog

At dead of dayfall the spiky rustler comes.
Stout and fussy, the pincushiony foodnapper.
Darkles down ditches,
Grubbling gardenwards.
A midnight rifler through black bin bags,
The scurrying spinysnorter sniffles and scuffles,

Then, gutfully, he porkles back
Across the slugslimed street,
Till, fearstruck by a blinding roar,
He bristleballs.
And is splattened.

Why did the pricklepig cross the road?

by Sara-Louise Holland (11yrs)

ARGHH! Why, why, why did he have to cross the road? I love hedgehogs!
Kids ‘tell it like it is’ as l well know. Not half an hour ago l asked my four year old what he thought of his Auntie being pregnant and he answered,
“No comment ~ it’s none of our business but you can ask me in the morning if you like.”
Where did that come from?

Incidentally the Hedgehog is the UK’s top ten garden creature.


Sorlil said...

He's a sweetie isn't he?! poor hedgehog - that's going to give me nightmares

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