Thursday, May 18, 2006

Boiler Troubles

Cold water instead of hot ~ that’s it in a nutshell! Turned the temp. control button up to full this morning in the hopes of a bath but it only gave me a few ungracious splutters of lukewarm. Oh well l thought, once l get in it will come up a little more ~ to only 3 inches! My bath scene was like a film remake of a floundering fish at the bottom of a bucket ~ much flipping and flapping ~ thank goodness l was alone. No matter which way l turned l could hardly rinse off and was still so lathered up afterwards that l had to blindly grope for the shower head in order to rinse! I should have just taken a shower in the first place but l really miss having a good soak. I must give the boiler guy a shout.


Gerald Forrester said...

Sounds like a problem with the flange sprocket undulation crotch latch thingy.
Either that or its buggered.

slap me happy said...

I agree your crotch latch sounds buggered lol

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