Saturday, May 20, 2006

Blast those Bugs!

Every year l am plagued with them ~ thousands of tiny aggravating Aphids! They cover my Roses, Geraniums, Euphorbia etc., and so, once again l am getting ready to fight back (the ‘all natural’ way of course).
l have heard that planting Marigolds nearby the roses will attract the Aphids away, however in my garden Marigolds don’t last ~ a feast for the slugs instead which is another ongoing battle ~ don’t ask about last years Delphiniums!
I have heard that there are homemade solutions using ingredients like washing up liquid, vinegar and garlic, so that’s what l am going to try ~ a little worried however that it will be a matter of spraying every single day.
Perhaps l shall buy in some Ladybirds to populate the garden but they’re a bit expensive. The use of neem oil is only a once a week dose but it’s hard to get my hands on the stuff where l live, and so off l go in search of the perfect solution.

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slap me happy said...

Good old fashioned soapy water will get rid of most of them. I use my laundry water but I have a top loaded and a pipe for the run off helps too but dish water would probably work just as well.

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