Friday, March 16, 2007

We few, we happy few, we band of sisters.


Band Bio:
At first it was a rumble, but in case you haven’t noticed, a roar of anticipation has been sweeping across the 'Blogosphere'. The legendary INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF 'W' LOVERS has arrived, bringing their special brand of Bluegrass, Rock & Roll, and Good Time Blogitiville party music to sold out venues from site to site, leaving audiences dancing in their ergonomic I.T. seating! Swivel time!
This is a band who refuses to be pigeon holed; whose credo is found in the joy of the moment, refusing to let anything get in the way of the music, the friendships and the audiences they draw their energy from. An International Jet Set on the way to the next level!


I hope you do not mind the results as l did my best in time permissible- matching heads with different bodies-lol. l am a bit embarrassed that l am in the centre of the top promo pic. but found that it was the only place that worked. It's a bit of a juggling game taking in different head angles, pixels per inch, shades, hair styles, etc. I think it looks like we are all looking at the same photographer for the shot though.
The promo pic is a mix of different background images with borrowed bodies so don't look too close.
At one point l had us all with different hair colours and Connie with funky earings but then my photoshop crashed on me- arghh!
Anyway l can't tell you l did not giggle at least a few times during the making. l think we all look quite hip :)
Enjoy the weekend!


Anonymous said...

★ HORIZON Best wishes for you? … :)!

Betty said...

Finally, I get to leave a comment. You did a fabulous job with the band picture, cover and bio!

I'm sure we will be in great demand throughout the known world.

Waddling Willoree

Susie said...

We are quite the assorted bunch of "W's" You are a very clever band leader!!
I'm sure we'll be quite the hit and good for more than a laugh or two!
Warbly Werdna!

MissKris said...

I love the new look of your blog, dear friend. Easy on the eyes and, like you mentioned one of your commenters referring to is! Like a long, luxurious soak in a tub of melted chocolate. Now I just need some candles and soft music, lol! I guess I've missed out on what this band is all about but I hope you and your "members" all the success! ;-D Have a great weekend! ((((HUG))))

Lorraine said...

Oh, Horizon, that is just superfantastic! And did you actually give me a Telecaster? You outdid yourself and of course you should be in the're our lead vocalist, aren't you? Well done!

Winsome Willa

Tammy said...

toooooooooo cute!!!!

Kerri said...

Wow, what a wonderfully, wild and wacky photo! Waddle you think of next???
Oh my! I've never had a 'real' chest before (giggle).
Winsome Willa is absolutely most certainly should be in the centre as our band founder, promoter, and lead warbler. Can we do a few Simon & Garfunkle tunes?
What a clever girl you are Windbag Wooly! I'm glad you weren't overwhelmed by the Photoshop crash. What willpower! What a woman!
From one 'W' Lover to another, well done!
(standing ovation)
Wheezy Winifred

HLiza said...

You are so creative! The band promo is so cute..and I love your blog's new look. Yup, it's very chocolaty!

susan said...

Oh brilliant pictures, and I like the new blog look.

Sling said...

Okay,..This is easily the best thing in the history of stuff!!
You did a fantastic job horizon.If you don't mind,I'd like to copy and paste that into "My Pictures" folder.. :)

Pretty Lady said...

I sing horrible but I will be the groupie, LOL
Nice job well done dear musician friend

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