Friday, March 23, 2007

Low Tides, Lego and missing socks

I have been across the water so many times lately that our ferry service should be giving me a VIP discount! The tides have been much lower than usual because of the lunar-solar phenomena, etc. If interested you can read more about Neap tides HERE and HERE, If not, read on...

On Wednesday we went across the water yet again but this time ending the day in IKEA, where l bought a small wardrobe for S. With D coming home from his university this summer l needed to make more space so decided that he could have the older furniture set while S has this new wardrobe.
So yesterday when S was at nursery l put the new wardrobe together - adding another shelf for extra storage. I bought some coloured tubs and organised his clothes into these. Later S covered the front of this new unit in stickers-lol. I don’t mind so much as long as he doesn’t do in on the antique furniture.
It felt good to see this messy room of S’s looking more organised. You know, reorganising a child’s room with heaps of mixed toys is a cheap form of therapy, if you discount the medical costs of having the Lego pieces surgically removed from your feet afterwards!

Anyway while organising S’s clothes l was not surprised to find so many mismatched socks. The saga of ‘the disappearing sock’ is not uncommon in this home! It’s only when you’re moving house that you start to find them again... behind the radiator, under the dryer, in with your hats and scarfs etc.
I’ve heard that you can tell a lot about a person from their sock drawer. If they have a sock drawer in the first place, they’re likely to pay regularly into a pension. My hubby is very organised about his socks- l’m not. I have one very large drawer, undies thrown in one side, socks the other, and often these get muddled up together. I guess socks in their own right are technically underwear. Just a pity that lingerie departments don’t have any bra-knicker- socks sets. lol


david santos said...

This work is very good. thank you
have a good weekend

Anonymous said...

I need to reorganize too! Please send me some of your

Socks should come in 3's. You know you are going to lose one and having an extra would make like so much I think there are little men in our dryer that steal them...

I just have to comment on your children's photos. Such a nice looking family you have. I love the picture of your eldest son. He is quite handsome.

Take care,

CJ said...'s been years since my last Lego experience. There is nothing to beat the exquisite pain of a small block embedded in the arch (up against the heel)!!!My socks also live with my undies and will until I find the tallboy of my dreams ;) You are handy, assembling Ikea all by yourself. How do you do it...I'm always missing at least 2 essential bits!
Looks great! Have a lovely weekend

HLiza said...

I have to choose the time when the kids are not in sight if I were to reorganize their room. Firstly, I can't scream and complain while they're it will be smoother. Secondly, I take time to touch, examine and go back to memory lane for every books, clothes and toys I found thrown everywhere! How fast they've grown!Even the pieces of Lego remind me of so many things, LOL. I better copy the way you organize Sam's wardrobe. The colourful tubs are great ideas!

Tammy said...

I've been doing so cleaning in preparation of my Mama coming Sunday...I think I might have overdone it!
I did add some tubs to my fridge to get that small thing organized...I dream of a side by side with an icemaker...sigh!
So glad you put on your "Scotland time" it...10:14pm for you and I just imagine you are getting ready for or already in bed...I would!

Val said...

Oh Ikea, such fun! Ive only been once and loved it AND I didnt do any impulse buying! Its a two hour drive to our nearest one though :o(

I have solved that underwear storage problem. I keep my knickers and socks in the airing cupboard, on a shelf, in two separate shoe boxes (no lids on of course for easy access). Despite only buying black socks for myself for work, you wouldnt believe how many different colour blacks there are, nor how many different types of black socks. I have to sort the pairs out in daylight! But then, librarians do like things well catalogued!!

PEA said...

I'm like you, my underwear and socks are all mixed up together in one of my dresser drawers...sometimes the hooks on the back of my bras are caught on some of my socks...well, that's another story! lol Sam's new wardrobe looks fabulous...I laughed when you said he's already put stickers on the front of it!! hehe xox

Susie said...

Don't you love IKEA?? We have one very nearby and it's quite popular. I must tell you my socks are very organized (by color etc) Now what does that say about me??

weirdbunny said...

Go to Http://

a couple of posts ago she showed her 132 odd sock collection that belong to her kids !!!! You can tell she doesn't go down to the bottom of her laundry basket often !! hee hee.

(I'm allowed to say that as she's my best freind ..) - Julia x

Sandy said...

Jimmy has a VERY organized sock drawer although his socks are all while and matching. My drawer is like yours...hehehe

My therapy is mowing and working in the yard. I can do without housework...I leave that for Jimmy because he loves it so much. They say you can't change a man after you marry him and he was cleaning & cooking before I married him, so I best leave well enough alone.

MissKris said...

So wee Sam's closet is where all the socks have disappeared to, eh? Maybe I should've checked it out prior to organizing to see if some of my Dear Hubby's might've travelled over and joined them, haha! Socks and handkerchiefs, sigh! I can buy that man two dozen handkerchiefs and within 6 months he's down to half a dozen, if that. Now, where do THOSE disappear to, do you think??? I don't know why I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that McDonald's and IKEA and Disneyworlds are all around the world...I find it a shame the world has been "American-ized" to such a degree. I imagine one day a native with a machete will swipe thru the underbrush, only to have a McDonald's ahead of him in the middle of the Amazon rain forest!!

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