Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's all about building memories

Wee 'S' isn't well today so l can't get around to visiting. Would love to but he needs me just now. Quick post below.
Welcome to the band Winsome Willa aka Lorraine. l hope that is all members in because l finished the promo picture and CD cover last night. Will reveal all tomorrow for Friday Frolics ;)

My daughter, 'M' had her dress design picked for a fashion show. The old post and dress HERE. Well done love!

'D's' PC finally arrived! He is coming home this weekend to collect it and visit with me for Mother's Day :)

I am missing my Mum. She has been over in Germany visiting my sister for a while (my youngest sis who just had her first wee baby). She will be there for Mothering Sunday this coming weekend. It seems appropriate that they should be together for this. Picture above is of Mum with wee 'S'. Mum is just the best with the wee ones. She worked as a Nanny when younger and has a wonderful touch!
Mother's Day has been celebrated in the UK on the fourth Sunday in Lent since at least the 16th century- that’s March 18th this year. I'm aware that it is different in other places because my other sister celebrates it in May.
'S' has been busy making me something at nursery. It is quite funny when l go to pick him up because he quickly steers me to the cloakroom deliberately avoiding the wall where the Mother's Day display is-lol. He won't be there today though.
l am glad that l will have 'D' home this weekend- all the kids at home and safe - that is the best l could ask for!
'M' will be away doing her nursing before l know it- time passes all too quickly when you are raising a family. l am so very aware of how precious this time is.

I have been planning a camping holiday for this summer to Mull, Iona and Staffa. Plenty to do there and l have always wanted to take the boat out to Fingals cave with the kids, where there are Puffins - my favourite bird (very old post here on the Whirring Winged Wonders).
It's a bit sad when it is cheaper to holiday overseas (not if you want to go overseas of course). This trip will cost a fare bit- mostly because of the ferry costs! Just to Mull with the car it will cost £50- and that's not including passenger fares!

As my granny used to say, "Buying right is buying dear- unless fae the gerdin!" Meaning, 'Quality is never cheap- unless it grows naturally!'


Lorraine said...

Poor wee S. Hope he's better soon.

That dress is absolutely gorgeous. I am very impressed, especially as when I was her age I couldn't manage more than replacing a button on a shirt (still can't). Good on her.

And mums with the wees of their own children...that is something, isn't it? I can still see my mum holding The Child in the dark of an early morning, comforting my brand-new mother's heart with her encouragement and counsel. Aren't we blessed to have mums we love so much?

Betty said...

So sorry your little one is "under the weather."

Grandmothers and grandchildren just have an invisible cord that runs from one heart to another....

In the states, we celebrate Mother's Day the second Sunday in May.

I am so excited about "our" band. Can't wait to see the cover......

Susie said...

Poor "S". Usually little ones bounce back fairly quickly. Hope he'll be feeling better in no time.
The picture of your Mom and S is so endearing. A real treasure..
Your M is quite the designer! Very impressive..

Tammy said...

I hope your wee son will be well soon!
I love that picture of your Mum!!
PS...I also love the "clan" pictures in your side bar!!

CJ said...

So sorry the little man is not well, hope he's better soon. You're going to have a wonderful weekend with all the family home ;)
For some strange reason SA celebrates Mothers Day in May as well?

Hillside Garden said...

Oh, I hope, your sun is well now? My grandchild was so ill last week, it is bad.


Val said...

Hope he is well again soon. I had a marvellous time last June on Iona. I deliberately chose the time to go to Staffa and see the puffins. But the best thing is to go for the day with a picnic, past Staffa (you call there on the way back) to Lunga. Its a wonderful island, and you have it to yourself. The boat pulls up at some rocks, and out you all pile and then walk up to the cliffs where the puffins nest. So tame! The island was also full of bluebells. Amazing - one of the best days of my life. So put aside a whole day for that.

I may have to do a retrospective blog post if I cant see puffins again this spring!

Kerri said...

I do hope wee 'S' is feeling better by now. Poor little pirate! :)
March is our PARP (Parents as Reading Partners) month and our theme is "Books are a Treasure" with the emphasis on pirate stories. The kids are loving it. Ay Mateys! It makes me think of 'S'. My grandsons love pirates too. :)
Oh, that camping holiday on the islands sounds like a dream. And to see Puffins...what an experience that would be! I'd love it!
Mel's dress is fabulous! What a clever and creative girl she is at such a young age.
Have a wonderful weekend. We're in the midst of yet another snowstorm!

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