Monday, March 12, 2007

“It doesn't hurt to be optimistic...

... You can always cry later.”It is Monday and the sun is shining which makes all the difference. I have a list the length of my arm to get through today but first a little blogging.

Thanks for all the comments on my last post about 'S'- he is such a comic.

The 'W' Band so Far:
Pea ~ Wailing Wacko
Sue ~ Warbly Werdna
Kerri ~ Wheezy Winifred
Connie ~ Wiggin Wanda
Horizon ~ Windbag Wooly
This is an International Jet Set .
If you want to join feel free to add your name :)

Over the weekend l dabbled with a bit of XHTML/Markup. l got as far as building a single web page linked to three other pages. Nothing fancy to look at but that's the next stage. From humble beginnings, great things will evolve! lol
l could use browser software (quicker and easier) but l am actually enjoying the challenge of learning how to build the site from scratch. l'll let you know when l get it all up and running- hopefully l will be able to link it to my blog site as well. :)

If you want a Scotsman to do something, tell him it cannot be done.
'Canna be done' means he'll do it or 'he'll die tryin'!


Jeanette said...

Hi Horizon.Im back sorry ive been in the land of the missing comments.
I like your new site its very easy to read.Just love all your photo's of Scotland and loved my visit to scotland many years ago. Take care
keep warm.(((hugs)))

HImself said...

Jingling the Sporran also helps!!!!

Ah - foolish Himself -
you're going to pay for this!

HORIZON said...

Are ye tryin t' say that all a Scot cares aboot is money- ye wee blighter*!
Aye- ye'll pay fir this- oot yer ain pocket! I'm awa shoppin ;)x
*blighter - a persistently annoying person

Himself! said...

You may choose to think that
- I couldn't possibly comment.

(note: card has new feature - built in elastic!)

susan said...

I can just about change font colour using HTML. Hope it all works okay.

Tammy said...

I'm always tellin people..."don't tell me I can't!!"...hmm must be some Scots in!!

Betty said...

Yes I do most definitely want to be a part of your band. May I be
"Waddling Willoree"?

When is rehearsal or do we really need one? With this talented group we probably can just wing it.....

Betty at Country Charm

Anonymous said...

Loving our band...I see us doing great things together!!

a/k/a Wiggin Wanda

PEA said...

Lol still giggling at the comments from Himself and you!! hehe Oh Horizon, I simply love your new look, actually very restful on the eyes and easy to read. Beautiful!! I've always wanted to be part of a band...ummmm do I need to know how to sing or play an instrument...there may be a problem!!! lol xox

Lorraine said...

Here's another vote for the nice look on the reading chocolate.

Susie said...

Your new colors are so easy to read!! I'm giggling at this band of music makers. What wonderful fun we'd have together even if we didn't make music! I think you need to create a virtual picture of us!!
Warbly Werdna

Kerri said...

I'm glad Susie, er, Warbly Werdna suggested the picture :)
I have an HTML book borrowed from the library at the moment, but not enough time to study it. Guess I should buy one. How clever of you to build a website. Wish I could!
I'm greatly admiring your creativity and ability!!!

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