Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The essence of time

I started the day with good intentions. Now it’s past seven in the evening and I’m just though putting dinner on the table, fresh sheets on the beds, rinsing out the bath etc. Seems like I’m doing things in reverse but such is life- mine anyway! I’m tired, have had a few days of non-stop running around! Ahh, my daughter (M) just gave me a nice piece of chocolate- yum! She must think l need it- lol- now where’s the coffee?
Tomorrow is S’s last day of nursery for a few weeks. He has spent the last couple of days pretending to be a Time Lord - ‘Dr. Who’ to be precise. Today we’ve been busy building a Tardis. It is a fine thing- just a bit concerned it might just take off!
Don’t we live in such a fast moving society? I lived in the States for 10 years and thought that was a fast pace - but really the fastest thing on earth is being a mum, daughter and wife in one day - all three makes time spin madly round. During my moments and l say moments of ambushed spare time l think of my blogging friends and what they are getting up to. However just before l rush onto the computer l remember the inevitable consequence of spending time to blog, and bang goes any more spare time! Just to let you know l am getting around to catching up with you all ASAP!
Now on the other hand, pottering is serious business for me- l long to potter. This happens on days that there is not so much to do- the most fun you can have in slippers or for me, bare feet! It starts with a little light cleaning and then ends in an old photo album or in the blogosphere with terrific company. I have a blogging cardigan that l wear. The kids laugh at me in the ratty old thing but l love it. Apart from blog pottering my other pottering focuses on packets of chocolate biscuits, which, because they have been stared, need to be finished.
Now perhaps tomorrow or the next day l will be sitting here visiting my blogging friends (while wearing that ratty old cardigan), pack of half eaten biscuits beside me- only then l will have achieved the quintessence of potter!
Bests all
PS- the picture on the last post was indeed wee 'S'- shows me just how fast time flies!


Tammy said...

Time rushes when you are a Mum!!!
I can just see you in your cardigan...hehe!! That is the great thing about blogging, people can't see us...but then it would be nice to see you face to face at least once!!

Susie said...

The older I get the faster time flies. My mother used to tell me that, and I just couldn't understand it. I thought time was time.
I'll be thinking of you in your sweater eating your chocolates next time you leave a comment!!

Kerri said...

Now you know you'll have to post a picture of you in your cardigan :) Mmmm, I wouldn't mind a chocolate biscuit (cookie) if you haven't eaten them all Miss Piggy (may I please?.
The tardis looks like such fun. Sam has a great imagination and a mum who's willing to play with him. He's a lucky little chap :)
Yes, it's a busy thing being a mum, wife and daughter. And you do it well.
Enjoy you pottering time when it comes! xoxoxo

smileymamaT said...

Oh what a wonderful time machine/phone booth! We have one that stayed upstairs in the playroom for a long time, then had to be moved out to the shed, as the big old thing took up so much room! I love the thought of you in your old cardigan (sweater?) eating your chocolate biscuits (cookies, I suppose? ha), and just pottering the day away. I will do this on Saturday! Can't wait!!!

Betty said...


You must be related to my husband! He had a worn-out, raggedy sweater that I discarded while I was cleaning and I thought I was gonna have to go retrieve it. He finally forgave me...I haven't thrown anything else out!

I love to go barefooted and because I rush around and don't always look where I'm going, I've had several broken toes...I have a funny email about feet I'll send you....

Sam is a blessed little boy to have a Mom that takes time to make memories with him......

weirdbunny said...

I used to love making things out of cardboard for the kids. Cars, houses etc.. We seem to gone past that now though. Dens need to be out in the wilderness now at this age.
I've been pottering in the poly tunnel today planting seeds. No cleaning for me today, we'll just live in chaos. I did clean the kitchen window yesterday though ... you know a high day and holiday event. The last time was christmas !

Apple said...

S's box sure is a lot fancier than ours. LOL My son & his boys all love Dr. Who.

I'm at a point in life where I have good deal of free time and I still can't keep up with everything. Enjoy your time pottering whenever you can!

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