Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hands-on learning

Firstly l'd like to introduce you to new band member 'Waddling Willoree', aka Betty from Country Charm. I have been inspired by Sue's suggestion of a virtual photograph ;) Perhaps for next weekend.
As for the blog's new look, l am glad you find it easy on the eyes. Lorraine made me laugh when she said it was 'like reading chocolate'. Perhaps l was subconsciously swayed on my decision when choosing the template?
It's been a busy morning so far. l've been sweeping out back with 'S' and organising some of my old garden tubs. Giving them a quick clean out and some fresh soil- ready for planting.
'S' and l have been also been growing Cress indoors. His big sister 'M' helped him paint his 'Scooby Doo' pot.
All my children have enjoyed gardening with me. Gardening can be a great experience for children, teaching them about responsibility, satisfying work and reward! Mostly though introducing them to the joys of nature. The older two, 'D' & 'M' used to love planting sunflowers. Wee 'S' has grown carrot tops with his dad too- carrot tops are very simple to grow.

Try to use a carrot that shows some sign of a shoot on the top.
Slice about 2cm off the top of the carrot and place this on a saucer with a small amount of water in it. Then just leave in a light place like a windowsill making sure to continually top up the water. In a few days leaves should start to appear from the top of the carrot.

'S' loves his time in the garden- he isn't afraid of getting dirty, he loves all the bugs he can find etc. Now there's a thought - l'll give him a bucket to help collect the snails & slugs this summer :) Here is an old post on my bug problem-lol.

When you teach your kids to garden, you're teaching life-long lessons.

I'm away to get back to work now- lots to do.
Bests all


Susie said...

We've been out in the garden too with this glorious weather! Your Scooby Doo pot is really cute. It would look cute on the windowsill in our Scooby Doo bedroom we have for the boys here!!

Betty said...

Gardening with children is one of the best things you can do. My mother did and I love digging in the ground. My girls enjoy gardening as well as my grandchildren. I want to try the carrot tops.........

So happy to be part of the band!

Connie said...

If you look at my e-mail address you will notice that I am a Scooby fan also...Nice to know that you, Sue and I have such wonderful taste.

Just can't wait for the weather to permit me to get out in the garden.

Welcome to our new band member Waddling Willoree.


Lorraine said...

My grandpa Fraser (aye) had an exceedingly green thumb as does his daughter, my mum. Mine is a bit more puce than theirs but I love trying.

Also, I'd like to join the band, please. Call me Winsome Willa.

Tammy said...

I'll never forget last summer and my patio garden, when the granddaughter was there she "helped" Nanny water the plants...Loved It!!
:-D blog is very chocolatey...some reason I crave it after I've been here...have you cast a "Chocolat" spell...lmbo!!

CJ said...

Love your "new look"! You probably know this but you can do the same thing to a pineapple (just like a big carrot) but it takes longer to mature so you'll need a warmish place to keep it over winter. Great pictures of the family! XO

HORIZON said...

ThanX for all your comments. I finished the band pictures tonight so hope everyone got in who wanted to join.
Well l'm awa to my bed.
Night night folks x

Kerri said...

Gardening with kids....what a good idea! I must do some things with our grandsons when the warm weather finally comes again.
Your blog looks wonderful...and yes, yummy! (very milk chocolaty) :)

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