Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Henge Happenings

Yesterday l went for a drive to the Isle of Bute again- one of my favourite places to visit. There are so many things still to see there- l never tire of the place.
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G. had work on the Island so after l dropped him off ‘S’ and l did a bit of sightseeing and shopping. We nearly made it to the standing stones at Blackpark [Kingarth], a lovely drive to the southern tip. We passed the little village of Kerrycroy, but unfortunately, given the time we had, had to turn back just before the turn off to the stones. I plan to go there on our next visit.

Pictures below are from the trip to Rothesay yesterday. I'll post the trip home tomorrow :)

A few days back l showed you photos of a farm, post called ‘The Green Door’. What l did not tell you was the feeling that the place gave me when l was there. Firstly l should tell you that l’m not into any type of Spiritualism. However l did comment to my husband, ‘G’ as we left about the ‘enigmatic feeling” of the place and asked him if he had felt anything strange or unusual. His response was quite funny at the time given the fact that he spent his time shovelling manure. :)
When ‘G’ had been busy with that, ‘S’ and l had walked along the fence at the back of the property enjoying the view and crisp fresh air. At this time l felt a different atmosphere about the place – not scary but something tangible, something old. I don’t wish to sound ‘airy-fairy’ but I knew l was picking up on something. I did in fact tell ‘G’ at the time about the place feeling like a ‘very very old place’. He said he felt like an old place anyway. But seriously, have you ever had a feeling like this?

Anyway we left and l thought little about it until we were talking with a lady who had spent time there (horse-sitting). Incidentally l mentioned nothing about how l had felt on location. We were talking about who the land had once belonged to and learned that it had been the historic clan seat of the Currys’. This person then said that there was an old stone circle in the field right behind the house. How strange is that! :0

Rothesay Bay

Victorian Homes

Walking by water

Kerrycroy Bay

The bonny broom


Susie said...

Beautiful photos of your drive! I have had a "strange feeling" at times when I visit a place. Mine is often more a feeling that I've been there before, even when I haven't. How interesting that you felt a sense of that and discovered the old stone..

Tammy said...

as I told you in that post on "the green door"...I felt like I had gone back in time just looking at the pictures...the land you live in is full of mystery and mystical places...nothing wrong with that I would think...I would be thrilled and blessed to live there...just look at all the wonderful pictures you've shared my friend...we see it through your eyes and it is wonderful!!

PEA said...

Such breathtaking photos make me want to go to Scotland so badly!! That is the one place I've always wanted to go, ever since I was a little girl...anyone would ask me "where would you travel if you could" and my answer was always "Scotland"...ask my mom, it's true:-) As for the "feeling" you had at that old farm, I understand exactly what you mean...almost as if you actually feel a presence of days gone by. Really does make you wonder what it is you sense!! Take care my friend! xox

Betty said...

I enjoyed "our" trip today. As always the pictures are so clear and real. Sometimes I experience dajavu feelings. Is that spelled correctly?

Thanks for the visit and comments.

Kerri said...

No wonder you love to go the Isle Of Bute. It's Bute-iful! :) I know. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I'm with Pea...Scotland is a place I've always wanted to visit. I love your spectacular countryside.
Your "Green Door" farm does look like a mystical place (in spite of the manure and mud :) I don't remember having similar feelings, but have definitely had the "been there before" feeling.

Merle said...

Dear Sarah ~~ Thank you for sharing so much of Scotland with us. Your photos show the best scenery and buildings, and it looks like a wonderful place. Loved the marmalade sky, and the Daffodil Poem I had heard long ago. Hope your Dad had a reat birthday. Thank you so much for your kind words and wishes for a speedy recovery. I loved the Poem for
Blogging Friends, as it says how we feel about each other. Take care, and thanks for being my friend.
Much love, Merle.

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