Friday, March 04, 2011

A bit of space back!

I've been clearing up my office/craft room tonight. Here is my computer area- looks all neat now and l can actually see the desk again!! You will note that l did not take a before photo, cough-splutter.
Can't show you the other side of the room either as it is filled with my son's boxes and clothes from university.
For the moment this is my wee corner of the world.
All of my crafting, drafting and paint stuff's packed away- at least for tonight. I'm sure that within a day or so they will start migrating back.


Rob said...

I know that disappearing desk situation. I try and put everything back in their place each night but I only have to miss one night and I'm overwhelmed.

HORIZON said...

Merle. Thanks for the email. Not sure why the comments weren't working either??
Glad to hear you got some help from your sons outside ;)xx

PEA said...

It's looking good but if you're like me, give it a day or two and it's all cluttered again! lol My computer/faerie/crafting room never seems to stay in order for very long and I've pretty much given up hope on it! At least I know where everything is....underneath it all! lol xoxo

HORIZON said...

It's building up already- arghh- and it's not all mine- where does it come from????

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