Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hard Letting Go

From the earliest moments of pregnancy, even before your child is born, you love them and feel protective. During this time you follow all the rules, take the correct vitamins and pray for a healthy baby. That tenderness and love keeps growing and when you eventually get to hold your wee one in your arms that love manifolds itself ten hundred times over.

You watch them grow up, develop, make mistakes, learn – each period another tick of the clock. Having two older children l realise how quickly time can pass - perhaps this is why l notice it all the more with my youngest. I am pleased he is becoming more confident in himself but l also feel a loss for the wee boy he was. This year he is stretching in so many ways- his topics of conversation, his thinking, his humour, sleeping on the top bunk, walking to school, crossing the streets, wanting to explore, cooking, making tea- argh! It is getting hard to stay one step ahead of him these days.

This morning he said, “You can't keep me forever, you have to let me do things mum!”- ouch! He wanted to cross the bigger road by himself and although l know he has to learn, it is a wrench on so many levels. I stood back and he did well – perhaps even a little over cautious.
I want to cherish as many moments as l can with him now- before they're gone too.


Susie said...

Hi Sarah,
I know you probably don't remember me as I haven't blogged in so long.
I was on the computer this morning and somehow ended up here with your "hard letting go".
We lost our only son in December and as you can imagine it truly is hard letting go. Your sweet little boy has grown so from when you used to blog.
I loved seeing your beautiful pictures and catching up a bit with you.
Lovely to happen across you today.
Enjoy these precious moments with your son. They pass by in a heartbeat.
Susie (Susie's Space)

HORIZON said...

Dear Susie.
Would you believe l was just thinking of you!!!!!!! I am so shocked to see your post and had heard from Pea about your son. I am so sorry.
in tears here
I just want you to know that l DO remember you most fondly and would love to email back and forth.

PEA said...

I'm so glad that you and Susie have now touched bases again! I just love her to bits, she's a true friend indeed:-)

I can't believe how much your son has grown, he really isn't a tiny toddler anymore! As you say, the years go by much too fast and having to "let go" is one of the hardest things a mother can do. Even now with my sons being 29 and 32 I still worry about them:-) I remember the biggest shock when my boys were your lad's age, was when they finally decided they didn't need "mum" to do anything for them anymore, they could do it all by themselves! I wanted to sit down and cry...actually I think I did! lol

I hope your week is going well my friend. xoxo

HLiza said...

Oh sorry to hear about Susie's son! Just like you..this is the very reason why I started my's too short and I feel that the kids are leaving me slowly..the only way I can freeze time a little bit is by blogging..I find myself looking back at old posts very frequently and a little sad that eventually I'm gonna be alone..

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