Thursday, March 03, 2011

New Wellies

Yesterday my granddaughter's boots arrived- a bright pair of butterfly wellies. I'd been looking forward to taking these down to her.
If you watch the slide below you will see what happened... l sat there in horror!!! :)
The wee besom!!


PEA said...

LOL poor butterfly! I'm guessing the company that made those wellies weren't thinking about how 2 year olds love to pull at anything. hehe She is such a sweetheart:-) When I have a minute I'll send you a few pictures of my granddaughter through email!! xoxo

HORIZON said...

Looking forward to that Pea. :)
Mel dropped by with Olly tonight and now the left butterfly has no antenna at all !! The right boot is ok- so far-lol
Yes, l've thought the design is a bit daft for 2yr olds as well.

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