Saturday, March 19, 2011

Clowning around

Yesterday was Red Nose Day and the theme at Sam's school this year was 'clowns'. All the children had to take in home baking and dress up either as a clown or in bright colours. The home baking was sold by Sam's class at a stall to raise money for Comic Relief. Red Nose Day is the highlight of Comic Relief's appeal- a charity founded in the UK (1985) to raise money for children in this country and Africa – based at the time on the famine in Ethiopia. On this day people can dress up and exhibit their own sense of humour in odd and creative ways, raising money to help transform the lives of children both home and abroad. One of the women at my husbands work came in in her pyjamas- she raised over £50 just in the office! My son had to dress up for his work too and later went out in the evening to raise more money.

Most all schools participate, places of work team together and there is an all day telethon held where loads of singers perform, TV actors do daft things and we see where the money raised from the previous year was used in charity projects.

This year the UK raised over £74million pounds!!! A staggering amount when you think of the size of our country and the economic situation for most at the moment - so many out of work and yet such an incredible response. I wish the people that ran this country had as much compassion and generosity for the plight that most of us are in!

I went across the water on Thursday to do the shopping (and scout around for a clown wig :) and was lucky enough to get the last spot on the ferry. The weather was lovely so l got out and took a few photos. Last night l downloaded another photo editing app from the Apple store and tinkered around with some of the photos. See below.

Looking forward to the SUPERMOON tonight! Yesterday evening, just before bedtime, wee Sam and l sat on our front steps wrapped together in a blanket looking up at the moon. It was so bright that you had to keep looking away and then back again. We had a cuddle under the moonlight and l told him that the next time the moon would be this close to earth he would be around 27yrs old!!! I tried to take a still frame of that moment in my mind - a snap shot to remember us sitting there so close. It would be lovely to think that 18yrs from now l might be sitting looking up at the next Supermoon with my husband and all of my children and grandchildren together.


Diana (Di) said...

What a great clown he was! love the hair, and also love your Scotland.
We did not get to see the supermoon as the cloud cover lingered into the night here in the PNW.

Merle said...

Hi Sarah ~~ What a wonderful amount
of money raised for needy children.
I liked the photos you took and glad the weather was nice. I hope the men came and installed the insulation in
your loft. I am glad your weather is nice, we are having days about 70 to 80s F, Take great care,dear friend
Love, Merle.

clairesgarden said...

good pictures! love the clown for red nose day!

Rob said...

The pictures look really good - lots of atmosphere.

Pearl said...

Oh my goodness your little clown is darling. I am so happy that the day was a success for Comic Relief.
Hope you are doing well.

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