Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Toe Tappingly Good

Today l went to the local community theatre to watch my son participate in the Scottish Country Dancing with other village schools in the area, a total of 260+ children (7-9yrs) – even a school class came from across the water to join in! There was live accordion music and the event was piped in by two young lads.

It was a wonderful sight to see all of these primary school children dancing the strathspeys, jigs and reels – l felt like l had stepped back in time to my own childhood and beyond.

They danced The Highland Fair, Virginia Reel, Reel for Jeanie, Fun in Argyll, Flowers of Dunbeg and more- some children wore their kilts and not one child shied away from joining in. Local volunteers from the country dancing group helped to run the event and were fantastic in organising the children.

I took my mum along with me and we sat up in the balcony with the other spectators- all clapping and toe tapping to the music. :)

What more can l say, it was just a fantastic sight to see.

The lighting was not the best as you can see from the photo above - blobs where l caught the dust as the flash went off. At least you can see the movement and hear the music from the video below. Sam is dancing in the 'white shirt' group farthest from me in this footage.


PEA said...

My feet were tapping away while listening to the video! lol I so love this type of music and would have very much enjoyed being able to be there watching them dance to all these reels. My mom would love it as well, you should see her still doing some step dancing to fast fiddling music! lol

I'm so glad you entered my blogiversary giveaway and it meant a lot to me what you said about our friendship. Even though it's been a couple of years since we were in contact, when we reconnected it was like those years never were:-) It proves to be a true friendship when we can pick up right where we left off!! Lots of love to you:-) xoxo

Rob said...

You couldn't be miserable at an event such as that could you.

Merle said...

Dear Sarah ~~ How wonderful to see young Sam and all the others dancing, Lovely bright music and the pipers looked so nice too.
I am so glad you enjoyed the story
of the Bears, and the Three Little Pigs joke etc.
The devastation in Japan makes you feel thankful for where you live and I also am happy to live in Australia which is much safer too. It will take a long time for them to recover. Take great care, dear friend. Love and Hugs, Merle.

Spank and Yank said...

hi sis, was great seeing wee sammy tripping the light fantastic, he is growing up soooo fast. Was wonderful to talk to you the other night, I love you and miss you guys, your never far from mind nor heart xox

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