Monday, March 14, 2011

Sometimes you just feel it in the air

It's happening gradually, of course, but l'm starting to feel the beginnings of spring! We've had another strange week of mixed weather, even snow, but through it all the Crocus, Snowdrops, Primula and Tom Thumbs (mini daffodils) are out.

As l walked home along the road this morning the trees were filled with so many birds - their warbled singsong just gladdened my heart. One tree had over 30 Siskin and on the neighbouring tree there was a single Robin hurling abuse at them. Robins tend to be very territorial but to me it still sounded beautiful!

This flock of Siskin roost nearby and arrive in the treetops when it is still dimpsy (twilight) - they enjoy making a bit of a commotion early before attacking the feeders, including ours, when it starts to brighten up. We've been watching them from the kitchen window over the past few days - lovely wee things.

For me, the real countdown to spring can be seen in the London Pride that grows by our gate – it grows in other parts of our garden too but because we pass this area so often we tend to notice the changes - at present it has started to stand to attention. It's period of growth will now guide us all the way into May.

'London Pride' came into its own in the Second World War, where it appeared as a hybrid on bomb sites in London and all over the country. In the garden it does better if it has its own space as it likes to spread out forming a mat of ground cover but it is not aggressively invasive. It grows great under our Rowan tree- enjoying this shady spot and on the wall around back.

Below are some other photos taken this morning.


PEA said...

Such gorgeous flowers and I can't wait until there are some growing over here! I know I have tulips, daffodils and crocuses growing but they're still underneath a couple feet of snow. lol It's supposed to be above 0c tomorrow so hopefully that will start the melting process. For now I'll just have to enjoy your beautiful flowers:-) xoxo

Betty said...

Beautiful pictures! We've been out of pocket for three weeks so I haven't visited any blogs....

Would your Siskins be the same as our Golden Finches? They look identical and we have the webbed stocking feeders that look like yours...


HORIZON said...

Hello Betty.
Over here the Gold Finch is a different bird to the Siskin. The Gold Finch have a bit of red in them. Not sure if it's the same for the US though??
Nice to have you back :)xx

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