Monday, July 10, 2006

Did we know we'd have days like this?

"Be not afeard. The isle is full of noises, Sounds, and sweet airs, that give delight, and hurt not. Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments will hum about mine ears; and sometimes voices, that, if I then had wak'd after long sleep, will make me sleep again; and then, in dreaming, the clouds methought would open and show riches ready to drop upon me, that, when I wak'd, I cried to dream again."
William Shakespeare
The Tempest, Act. 3, Sc. 2

Ahh, just to stop and listen ~ quiet is good.
To feel nature, be in touch with our land/life, to feel part of something bigger. Sometimes it is good just to stop, breath, hug your kids- hug yourself!
Blogging can be a wonderful thing; you meet others who share the same interests and build new friendships. However, even blogging should have it's own ‘check and balance’ sheet- don’t you think? At the end of each computer is a human being with a life that requires attention as much/more!
I only started blogging back in March but have already found myself emotionally undulating like the waves in the sea – more preoccupied at times with my posts and leaving comments than making the tea! I have had a steep learning curve to climb but think perhaps l have now levelled out.
Sometimes l don’t say much, perhaps l just post some photos- that is me 'taking a breather'. Other days l love to let it all out; have so much to say; the rattle of my typing is almost melodic. Life is such as this: fast days and slow ones.
Hugs to all my blogging friends out there.


Sue said...

I agree with this! Sometimes, I don't feel I really have anything meaningful to contribute. I try to always leave a comment on those in my sidebar. Sometimes just a few words brightens someone's day, doesn't it?
Glad you're a blogging friend and hugs to you too!!!

Alice said...

Seems like blogging is finding just the right spot in your life. Although I read blogs most days, some days I don't feel like commenting and then there are other days where every blog seems to need a comment. I guess it's rather like being part of a large family - you always know they are there but you don't feel the need to contact daily.

PEA said...

I started blogging in March too and it certainly has been a learning experience...I love the friends I've made through it but like you, I also have days where I don't have much to say and others when I have TOO much to say! lol We just need to learn to balance out everything in our lives and not let blogging take over completely which some days it seems it does with me! I'm very glad I "met" you Horizon and love to visit your blog, even on days when you just want to type "hi":-) Hugs to you xoxox

Connie and Rob said...

That is what is so good about blogging friends...we are here for you on all those kinds of days.


somershade said...

You nailed it sis.Balance is the key.
Making friends in a non-threatning enviroment is very attracting and comforting to people.People crave to be apart of something.It is funny how similar people group together. It's all good.

Lorraine said...

Just stopped by for a glass of wine...thanks for the hospitality. I love Blogopia.

slap me happy said...

Teh things you come up with just to blog lol just kidding sis, I know ecactly what you mean have been so busy here for the last few days too. The Mack's are now in Queensland so am waiting till tomorrow arvo to call them in Townsville at their hotel and organise a visit.Went to new house to get quotes today, poor Joe nearly fainted roflmbfbo. Keep looking at the big picture. How do you eat an elephant..... one bite at a time! should write that on his palm hey. love to you all

weirdbunny said...

It sure is a full time commitment this blogging. I often get stressed, vow to myself today will be the last ever post, then next day, all is calm and I'm blogging again. However could we really stop. Walking past the computer each day knowing there's a whole world of blogs and bloggers in there. I think we'll need a 12 step programme to get us off!

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