Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pictures from Saturday

*A wee bird found its final resting spot in one of my flower baskets.
*Geraniums from the front porch ~ one of our Geraniums is over 50yrs. old.
*Sam is very pleased with his new fish (thanX Tammy)~ he changes their names every day.
*I am working out back today, putting some flowers in the old coal bunker.
Bests to all.

PS- You can now leave comments on the post below- had so much bother with Blogger on that one. :)


Alice said...

Such a pretty place for eternal rest - among the verbenas. Lovely geraniums, too.

Tammy said...

How in the world do you get a geranium to last 50 years?? I thought they would just die over the winter and I would plant more...shows just what I "don't" know I guess...Sammy is such a cutie in his "Trouble" his fishies...glad they are lasting for him...don't know what I did wrong...I followed all instructions but alas they right after the other :-(
If we lived next door (I wish!) I would have given him my rocks and such...but I will find some sort of use for them eventually!!

Sue said...

My little 7 yr old grandson has a goldfish he's had about 2 yrs. It's his job to feed it, etc. I think it's a great lesson in teaching him to be responsible.
Loved the fifty year old geranium. My rose of sharon is about 38 years old (picture in my current post)

PEA said...

Your geraniums are lovely and so colourful!! I didn't know geraniums could last that long too!! Sam sure looks thrilled with his new goldfish:-) His shirt reminds me of one Corey had when he was 2 years said "Here Comes Trouble". lol

Granny said...

They are beautiful. So bright.

I think my favorite flower is the zinnia but they don't do well here. I think they need the change in seasons.

slap me happy said...

Jonah has the same t shirt lol.
will call soon not had chance as doing TAX arghhhhh... not so much fun but will be back blogging tonight lol appt at 11.15 am

Connie and Rob said...

Well your pictures are wonderful. Great colors.

Cute little boy.

Take care,

Grish said...

Nice pics there! You have yourself a green thumb...

Hawkeye The Noo said...

After the sluggs it is time for Little S next big adventure. He needs to get eye goggles on and go into the bath with the fish; mind no soap as you do not want to kill them. this would be great fun for him to be able to be in the tank with the fish. Not finding Nemo but finding S

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