Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Kids Perspective

Sam (4) is coming out with so many unusual statements at the moment. Yesterday l was up in the back garden chatting away with him as l hung out the washing. Sam informed me that it was a good thing to be a mum because if l were a granddad l would lose my glasses all the time.
When Daniel was younger we were waiting at a Taco Bell drive through and he screamed out from the back seat, “Watch out Mum, that sign says, ‘Concussion, Wet Floor’!” That one still makes me smile- (Caution Wet Floor).
When living in America, a tornado warning came on the weather channel. In all the excitement Melissa felt it important to reassure me that a tornado does not wear any shoes! Does that mean it travels slower?
Oct 05- I bump the car tyre when parking and groan.. A little voice pipes up from the backseat, “ Did that really piddle you off Mummy?” You have to be so careful what is said around Sam now – it can be a worry.
I love asking Sammy what words mean – here are a few from this morning. I say a word and he gives me his definition.

HOLIDAY- It’s when you carry bags and go to sleep in a cottage
BODY PARTS- Bones.. blood…eyes
ORNAMENT- You just don’t touch it
WEATHER- Puddles and slugs
GARDEN- You dig and plant seeds.
DOCTOR- He has a soft head, telescope and jaggy needle.

That last one is funny- our doctor is bald by the way. I must write these down.
I took Sammy swimming Monday- first time in years. After we got home he was so tired and just asked for me to rub his tummy. He looked up at me and said, “you have lovely eyes; four lovely eyes mummy.” Hmm.


Grish said...

You have four eyes? Wow, I thought I was the only one that had...

Oh, I understand now please disregard...

Tammy said...

LMBO...Sammy is a funny wee man!!!
You sure he didn't bump his head at the pool or do you wear glasses??

Connie and Rob said...

Very cute post!

Sammy sounds like a sweetie. I like the fact that he chose the word lovely to describe your four eyes.

Take care,

Sue said...

When I see a cute post like this, I am reminded that blogging is such a wonderful way to preserve these cute moments of childhood.
Time goes by so quickly and I always thought I'd never forget some of those cute expressions (but I have!)

somershade said...

Sam is so sweet and smart. What cute stories,thanks for shareing him.

PEA said...

lol What a sweetheart he is!! Children come out with the greatest things and I'll never forget when Corey was about 3 years old...we were in the car and I had said "I'm the boss"...He said "no mommy, Bruce Springsteen is the boss" lol At that time Bruce had just come out with his Born in the USA hit and was known as "the boss" lol

Sharon K said...

I love your post. and like the what does that word mean.........I will have to do that one with my grandchildren......thanks

Merle said...

Hi Horizon ~~ What great things that Sam has come up with, as well as your other children. It is good to write them down ~ the day will come when he will enjoy hearing these things back. How goes the
Bible Quiz? It is clever and tests us.
Take care, Merle.

slap me happy said...

Too cute for his own good, it is hard to think that I have never even met him yet but still love his so much. Am dying to hug him, may cover him in kisses too.

Granny said...

I just saw you at Susie's. I obsessed over the degree sign until an absolute stranger took pity and sent me instructions which I left with Susie as well.

From one of my early posts.

Thank you. That's the degree sign I was obsessing about. Alternate 0176 on the number pad. Cent sign Alternate 0162. I'm putting them here in case anyone else ever feels the need to use them and is a computer dork like me.


° ¢

See? You have to use the number pad, not the numbers on the main keyboard and you have to put the zero in. Someplace in google land is an entire list of codes. They do everything and they are all just that simple. Try checking under ASCII.

I'll say hi to Horizon and copy this to her if she has a blog.


Nice meeting you. Hope it helps.

Ann (aka granny)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

ยบ Alt 167 also gives you the degree mark (no 0 is needed)

Sammy sounds so sweet and I love to hear what children have to say...Thank you for sharing some of Sammy's definitions.

Kerri said...

I'm chuckling over the degree sign. That was me who posted about it quite a while ago (I found it on the web and thought it was a neat trick worth sharing). Yes, the Alt 167 works fine as long as you use the number pad to type your number before you type the 167. What Granny said works too! So now we know another little computer geek trick :)
Sam is such a little sweetie. Listening (and talking) to kids is such fun. What a great game to play with him.
I love his comment....hmmm, you're a four-eyed monster....but a pretty one :)

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