Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Just a note

First one from Randy:
Nothing succeeds like a toothless budgie... l may be timid; l may have no teeth but my dearest Rosa... your words of endearment have fastened my resolve- l must fly this nest and come to you.

Oh boy has it been busy these past few days and hot, hot, hot. When l lived in the U.S. l can remember temps. with humidity at 120! Often in the 90's and long periods without rain.
Here in Scotland we are having a heat wave this week and it is killing me. Sleeping with the windows open, hardly a sheet to cover and the fan on high. Believe it or not it even got to a whopping 86
Ok l laugh a bit too but don't forget that your blood thickens up in cooler climates and thins out in hot climates- this takes a while to process though. I would have loved this temp. years back but at the moment it had better not go any higher.
The photo is of a British beach this past weekend!
The kitchen renovation is in full swing, starting to rip out and make good the space for the installation. l am headed across the water this weekend to order every part of the units and there are loads! It has been like putting a giant puzzle together - not to mention in the heat! Ok l'm moaning- forgive plz.
Have also been helping out my mumzer with some things.
Good news - washings all up to date, kids are all home and well, my blogging friends are still there. I haven't had a chance to comment.
I can hardly see my computer screen for paperwork on this kitchen at moment-lol
- a very messy creative person.

Waves to all from over the horizon :)


Lorraine said...

Tee hee...I got all my laundry caught up yesterday and it does rate as "good news". A kitchen remodel, eh? Good luck with that. So worth the headache.

PEA said...

Like you, here in Northern Ontario we're not used to such high heats as we've been getting and anything over 80, we melt! lol Glad to hear you've gotten underway with the kitchen renovations...a lot of work ahead but it will all be worth it in the end:-) PEA throws an ice cube at Horizon! hehe

Sue said...

Oh my, the kitchen renovation memories are still very fresh in my mind. Yours sounds like it's going to be a faster process than ours was!
It is really hot here! (over 100º) and feels like it could rain, which is so weird for this part of CA!

Tammy said...

how miserable...hope we all get a break soon!!
Don't work too hard in this heat...drink plenty of high quality H2O!!!

Grish said...

I am trying to figure out my building schedule on my house right now too.

I haven't started anything yet this year and I need to figure out what I'm going to do.

BTW, it was 104 degrees here yesterday...

slap me happy said...

Ok your al making me jealous, we are all in the middle of our winter here in Australia and I am tired of having ive cold feet, or worst still Joe having cold feet and warming them on me lol.

marsha said...

I would love to see 86 degrees. We have been in ARizona for two days and the temperature has reached a 115 both days. It is 108 degrees right now and it is 8pm at night. Oh well, I only have to deal with these temperatures for two years. I suppose I can deal. :)

Granny said...

I just heard from another Australian friend talking about the clammy weather in Northern Queensland.

We however are stuck at 106°. 41.1 I think in Celsius.

I don't think of Scotland as being hot but all of us seem to be experiencing odd weather this year.

Sigrun said...

Horizon, and you? You do not come to Germany? Where is your sister living?



MissKris said...

Here in the Pacific Northwest, at least in the Portland area, temps of over 100 don't happen too often but we're already being warned of 3 days coming this weekend with 100+ temps on the HORIZON!!! Haha...sorry, couldn't help myself on that one, snicker. Anyway, there's hardly an air conditioner or fan left anywhere to buy but one blessing here is low humidity and weather this hot usually only sticks around for a few days at the most. When you're done with YOUR kitchen renovation, please feel free to come do MINE, haha! Ours is in desperate need of a major overhaul but, like everything else around our old 1912'll get done when it gets done. I'll even supply the iced tea! ;-)

Alice said...

Dear Horizon - just step outside your door and I'll send over some frost to cool you down. You are always welcome to come have a cuppa in my house - it's 10º (50ºF) where my computer is. The outside temp. will only be about 12º max. for the day, especially if we get some more cold, southerly wind. The sun just can't compete at the moment. It's the coldest winter for several years, yet there is very little snow on the ski fields.

There, do you feel cooler now?

HORIZON said...

ThanX for all your comments, plenty of h2o (tammy) and cool breezes all the way from AU (Alice & Sis). lol
Poor Marsha, Grish, Sue and Miss Kris- makes you realise some have it a lot worse.
I think l need a cool beer from Sigrun in Germany- it's hot there too l hear.
Granny- think your right about the change in weather for the future- perhaps the place for all to move to is Scotland- we will finally see a change for the better! lol
Pea and Lorraine- pack your bags.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

My gosh! You are just so busy tearing down your house. Above this post you were tearing down a fireplace and here the kitchen. I don't know how you can have time to comment. With gardening with the old widowed neighbor and all this, you certainly are very busy.

BTW, Somershade called today from her beach vacation spot and asked what you were doing and said to say, "Hi."

weirdbunny said...

I'm just loving the heat wave, I mean it's not like we get sunshine often, you in Scotland and me in Wales!!!

Sigrun said...

Is this the pear of Brighton?


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