Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday Showers & Sunshine

Rained much of the day but got a few shots in anyways. Gerald and l have decided to start on the kitchen renovation so we cleared that room out today. Roast lamb for dinner tonight with fresh mint from up back- yum.
Hope your all enjoying the weekend.


Granny said...

Have you "met" Claire

She's in Scotland and has lovely photos. I didn't see her on your blogroll but I think you'd like her.

Sue said...

Your flowers are lovely! A kitchen renovation? Hmm, I can speak of the joys of this :-)
(It's really, truly fun when it's all done!!!)

Tammy said...

oooooooo ahhhhhhhhh...I just love your flowers!!
I've never even tasted is my maiden name and just never had a taste for!!

slap me happy said...

Q. How can you tell if a "Kiwi" (New Zealander) has been in your fridge
A. there are love bites on the leg of lamb lol.
Sorry had to tell you that joke.

PEA said...

Your flowers are delightful and so colourful!! Like Tammy, I've never tasted lamb...I've seen it in the supermarkets here but they sell it very expensive.

Sigrun said...

Hi, nice gardenphotos. Do you also cut down the Alchemillas after flowering?


HORIZON said...

Granny- l popped into Clairs site- nice mountain photos and so much more. :)

Sue we could do with all the help we can get so if your in the neighbourhood- pop by please.

Lamb has a wonderful taste especially when eaten with a good mint. Tammy and Pea you'll have to come over for a Sunday roast!!

SW- l thought it was only me who did that?

Alchemillas (Lady's-mantle)
Sigrun, l did not do it last year. I may harvest it this year so that l can dry it out.

weirdbunny said...

Oh I want roast lamb too!!!

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