Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mucky work indeed!

Today has been quite productive, my boys and l decided it was time to set to work and work we did! We chipped around the outside of the old 1950's fireplace in the dining room and pulled it out- it weighed a ton! The hardest bit by far was manoeuvring it outside.

My husband has been left with a lovely big hole to make good- slap on a fair bit of cement, build up with some breeze blocks and l am sure it will be fine-lol.
When l ripped back the carpet l was surprised to see the floor ~ a few years back when l had been feeling creative l had decided to cover the floor with a collage of famous composers, artists etc. Unfortunately the varnish did not set and l gave up. The other part of the floor which looks better has music sheets in between. I wonder down the road when someone else goes to replace the flooring- l wonder what they will think of this-lol.

I have to say l was as happy as Larry in the dirt- the thought of doing something- covered in coal dust and muck- kind of reminded me of my Grandfathers- both coal Miners.

I remember when my Dad worked at the hospital he got a peek at his father's medical records- over the years my Grandfather had broken just about every bone in his body! My Dad was stunned to find this out- most of the breaks had come from mining but my Grandfather was also a Boxer- who fought as a prize fighter - also a preacher - go figure!

My Mum's father was also a Miner but he was a Shotfirer-the one who worked with explosives- they were few, got paid more but it was extremely dangerous. My Mum remembers her Mother watching every night by the gate for her husband to appear at the bottom of the brae. My Mum has always loved that song by Patsy Cline, ‘A Coalminer’s Daughter’.
I am very proud of both of my Granddads- they worked hard to provide for their families- l have great memories of them both.

Hey when l think about it- today l was covered in coal and this past week l planted my coal bunker-lol.
Is there a message here??


Sue said...

That looks like hard dusty work! I loved seeing the creative side of you on your floor of composers. Your story about your Grandpas and the coalmining was very interesting. Imagine breaking all those bones!!

Grish said...

The floor is awesome. I would love to have something like that in the house.

Sorlil said...

I like the floor, you look like you're enjoying that cuppa!

Merle said...

Hi Hoeizon ~~ What a lot of hard work
but you look great after it, as do the boys. And your floor looked nice too,
I wouldn't have the patience to do that
Thanks for your comments and you were right about the black sheep.
Take care, Merle.

slap me happy said...

Hi sis, time to hit the shower lol.
just one question however... where will you hang the stockings at christmas. Hey have you checked out the newest links in my side bar one is interview with god the other is pathway to peace check them out they are truly beautiful, well done with all the hard work...xx You did look the part of the coal miners grand daughter lol

Lorraine said...

Ah, the holes in the wall and the dust of construction. I remember it well.

Loved the info about your grandfathers. Very "How Green was my Valley".


Tammy said...

Sounds like you come from good "hard-working" must have to work a ranch in Texas as you've told me by email...looks like you got dirty but had the He-Man poses by your men!!
Just as a was Patsy Cline's best friend, Loretta Lynn that wrote and sang Coal Miner's Daughter...If I can remember I will send you a few pictures of her ranch in mom used to work there in the summers...there is a replica of the house where she was raised, if you've ever seen the movie it is featured.
Also are one of my very best Bloggin' friends...and doncha forget it...savvy???

weirdbunny said...

Wow love the composer floor!!

Kerri said...

Loved seeing your picture, dirt and all :) How nice that you had help from your sweet boys. It's so much more fun, and less like hard work when it's a joint effort.
It seems there's been heat waves all over (except in Australia, for a change). We had heavy rain and floods again this morning! We couldn't believe it!! That was quite a fireplace.

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