Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Another idea for hanging cards

Here is one idea for hanging up the Christmas cards Tammy :)Very basic but gives you an option.
You could design your own card shape and just use a solid colour. A scalpel knife and good surface under to cut slits for cards.


Tammy said... I knew one of my nifty friends would come through for me...I'm going to file this idea until next year as I have gone with my daughter's idea for sticky tack for now...this looks like a better way...if I had your addy I could send you one to put into it

PEA said...

I use to tape all my cards to the closet door in the living room but this year I bought a reindeer basket and have been putting my cards in there:-) That way people can pick them all up and look through them very easily! Love your idea too and it's so neat to be able to see the card I sent you!! hehe Hugs xoxo

Sigruns German Garden said...

Yes, a good idea. I must look for the photo from the last year, in this year it is too early, I have not enough cards in the moment! They are all lazy!


Granny said...

Just linked to this for Tammy and then realized she'd already seen it. I misread your post.

So I linked for anyone else who might be looking for something new.



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