Friday, December 08, 2006

Dr. Neuron the Neurologist

Today l ordered my new exercise ball, 65cm diameter and highly recommended by my physiotherapist, Amy. I have been doing a bit of training on them already and they are fun- hard to balance at first but you soon get into it.

Definitions of Exercise ball on the Web: * Swiss balls — also known as exercise balls, gym balls, sports balls, therapy balls or body balls — are used in physical therapy and exercise. They are elastic rubber balls with a diameter of usually 55 to 85 cm (22 to 34 inches).

The reason for the physio. is that I fractured my sacrum about 8 years ago – a serious injury while sledding and have suffered from back pain off and on since.

One of the big advantages of working with a fitness ball is that it targets your core muscles (back and abs) improving your posture, balance, and core strength. A strong core also decreases lower back pain so l am told.

At the time of the accident l also had done nerve damage to that area and was sent to a neurologist called Dr. Neuron! LOL He was as strange as they come and if you have ever watched Seinfeld then you would have thought that this guy was Kramer’s twin- the walk, the talk and the hair! It was all a bit surreal. I really believed he enjoyed his work a little too much because during the electric testing (electromyography) he couldn’t help but smile as my legs flew from the table. That was a fun day indeed ☹.

Bests all.

P.S. If you haven't already seen the 'TOLD OFF BY A GRANNY' video on the RATTLE BAG then LINK HERE for a giggle. You need to let it play through first with your sound turned down and then replay.


serene said...

Awesome, cramer was always the best.
what do the balls look like by the way?

HORIZON said...

I will post one for you Serene :)

HORIZON said...

I will post one for you Serene :)

Hliza said...

I love the swiss's really fun to use for exercise. I bought one kid's gymball few years back and to our surprise the salesman said I can benefit from it too! I did use it for exercise few years the feeling of it if you do tummy crunches lying on it..but as usual, as time goes by I forgot the ball..had lesser and lesser exercise..and the ball is still there in my kids' room!

MissKris said...

You're going to LOVE that exercise ball!!! Dear Hubby and I have one and it helps the lower back...well, the entire much. I still recommend one of those mats for your bed...I'm still waking up pain-free in the mornings. It's Friday and my main reason for stopping by was to thank you for your prayers and concern on my behalf, dear friend. The Lord has answered them in a lot of least in helping to make an unbearable situation more bearable. It's an ongoing thing that raises its ugly head and when it does, it makes life a mess. All due to old family stuff that no one will open up and TALK about to set it all straight. Very serious stuff and I am not at liberty to say anything about it, due to a promise to Dear Hubby. Now...if we can just make it thru Christmas with the relatives!!!!! The sham that it is now. Bah. Sorry to sound like Scrooge, ha!

somershade said...

I just got off my ball, I love it.I had a back injury as well and the ball helps alot if I am faithful to do them.You look great by the way,go girl!

somershade said...

I just got off my ball, I love it.I had a back injury as well and the ball helps alot if I am faithful to do them.You look great by the way,go girl!

Pamela said...

Good for you Horizon! Those excercise balls are great fun! Hope it helps you, as there is nothing worse than nerve pain in your back.

I also broke my tailbone about 8 years ago. Let's just say I preferred standing then! lol

The picture of your Dr. and the word! Twilight zone moment!

HORIZON said...

l just know that my Sam will love it too. :) Perhaps after the baby you'll get back to it again.

You are so right about that mat- l do need to order it. So glad things have worked out :) hugs

Somershade- Oh my, l wish that was me. Got the photo from a google search to show what the ball looked like.

Pamela- l remember having to carry my doughnut cushion around with me- lol- that was really embarrassing.

Now l must not press this twice! ;)

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

I was very interested to read about this Swiss ball and I hope that you achieve the desired results. The comments left about it sound very encouraging too. Do let us know how you get on please.

On a completely different subject Horizon, I’ve just been reading an interesting article that says Scottish Natural Heritage find it necessary to carry out an annual cull of hedgehogs in the Western Isles to protect ground nesting birds, the hedgehogs are apparently eating the eggs. I was surprised to learn that hedgehogs were only introduced into that part of the world in the ‘70s. I can understand this is necessary, but shame! I do love hedgehogs. However, the good news is that Uist Hedgehog Rescue is offering £20 for every hedgehog saved. Well done the UHS is what I say. Marion

Tammy said...

I know a blogger that used a ball like this as a computer chair...her cat decided to attack with claws one day and it burst and she hurt herself and was away from the computer for a few days...true story...if I'm lying I'm!!
She had a good laugh at herself too so I'm laughing with her not at her!!
Also I got so tickled by the "Told off" tape that I forgot to leave a comment!!

HORIZON said...

You're quite right Marion- the hedgehogs are indeed being culled because they have over populated and are eating the eggs. This is all very sad. They were introduced to the Uists to help solve the problem, l think, of slugs at the time. This is why we should never interfere with nature!!Very sad.

HORIZON said...

Tammy- the video is funny- glad you liked it :P.
In respect to the story of the ball chair- l had actually thought of it as a computer chair too- help with my posture etc. No cats but am still worried if Sam decides to give it a kick. lol

PEA said...

I look at these exercise balls with fear in my eyes...I just know I'd hurt myself using one!! LOL I do hope it helps you, though, I have heard they are indeed great to use! Oh Gosh, Kramer's twin? I would have had a hard time not laughing! lol Oh my goodness, that video is just toooo funny!!! Hugs xoxo

Kerri said...

I want to try one of these. Must come back tomorrow and click that link but it's way past my bedtime now. Goodnight dear friend xo

Grish said...

I had to have phsio a few years back, the electroshock therapy was the worst part lol

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