Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lego Santa for Christmas

This past week has been a real ‘run-around’ for me as l am sure it has been for many of my blogging buddies too. Every year, incidentally around this time, l promise myself that next December will be more organised, that l will buy through the months before, make good of the January sales and make my cards ahead of time- dream on Horizon!
Anyway, I managed to get all packages and cards posted in time for Christmas delivery- literally 5 minutes to spare in the post office but done nevertheless. I made lots of magnetic teapots like dear Pea’s- copied the wonderful idea for family and friends. Thank you Pea.
Shopping is mostly all done, pockets full of endless lists of ‘things to do’ that l can now empty- l am sure women the world over know how that works! Mad dashing around with folded paper and pencilled through lines-lol. What must we look like?
I have still not bought the turkey- am so tempted because of the prices to wait until the last minute when they are trying to give them away- l am still wrestling with this idea though.
Today is Sam’s Christmas party at nursery. Sam likes to be ‘stylish’ so we have picked out something suitable, t-shirt with matching shirt over but not buttoned-lol. He is very fussy about these things for a lad :)
Melissa built this Lego Santa (pictured) – l think it is great. What you do not see is the inside where she has built in ALL the organs-lol. Being the biology genius that she is Mel has fixed this wee guy up so good that if the Christmas fairy decided; he could become a ‘real boy’!
Finally, my exercise ball arrived!! It is great fun however on my first full swivel l heard/felt in succession three clicks in my lower back. Lets hope all is now where it should be! LOL
I am in a funny mood today- am honestly quite relieved that l can now relax a bit. It does seem to me that all this ‘mad dashing’ around seems to be done by the one person each year while others relax and enjoy.

Bests all.


Anonymous said...

Oh my I am glad to hear you can relax and have fun. We always seem to forget about that...the having fun

My husband just got an exercise ball and has been using it for therapy on his back. They are a little tricky.

All the best to you and your family this holiday season.

Susie said...

I'm glad you're going to relax and enjoy the joys of the season a bit!
Your daughter's lego creation is quite amazing! How helpful that she is a biology major and knows all the body parts ;)

Grish said...

Sit back and enjoy the day!. :P

Hliza said...

Oh dis somebody mention turkey? The Tesco and big supermarkets here had started selling imported turkeys..they llok huge! I've been eyeing the advertisement by Victoria Station..they imported 'halal' turkey (so that Muslim can eat too!) and cook it the traditional Christmas way! We've thought of buying it last year but worried we can't finish it since the kids don't eat much. I think I can only drool again this year!

Merry Christmas to you and the family!
PS: I think the logo Santa is great. Your Mel had done a good job!

weirdbunny said...

Loving your santa! so cool made out of lego, must have taken ages to build.

Well with it being christmas I started posting on my blog again, so much for giving it up!

Have a wonderful christmas - love Julia x

Kentucky Gal said...

I loved the Lego Santa...I may send a copy to my grandson who loves anything Lego if you don't mind?

Anonymous said...

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Sigruns German Garden said...

Horizon, I wish you a wonderful Christmasday and more time for you!


Margaret said...

Hi Horizon, thanks for comments you sent me. I wish you and all your family many Christmas blessings. I love Clannard.
Cheers Margaret

Kentucky Gal said...

oops...looks like you got some spam comments...I would delete them then put your word verification on to avoid such...I have mine on but still get a loser every now and then that just comments so people will come to his sight and maybe purchase one of his products...grrrrr!!

Hawkeye The Noo said...

Have a fantastic Christmas my amazing sister. Love from my clan.

Val said...

Enjoy the days ahead. Christmas is starting for us, as all the visitors are here. We have bought the turkey, but will go to Waitrose on Sunday afternoon (Christmas Eve) to see if there are any bargains to be had! Last year My Husband bought a second turkey,cut it into huge joints and put it in the freezer. Lots of cheap meals during the year. I think it may become a Christmas tradition - quite jolly, seeing friends in there doing the same thing, spotting the red "reduced" tags!

See you after Christmas I expect! Kind regards from the other end of the country.

Jeanette said...

Hi Horizon
a lot of lego and hours putting that santa together. Merry Christmas

clairesgarden said...

love the lego, such talented children you have!
many blessings for the holiday season and the coming new year!

clairesgarden said...

such talented children you have!
many blessings for the holiday season and the coming new year!

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