Friday, December 08, 2006

The Terror of Glen Lean

"In the gloom it came along the branches towards me, its round, hypnotic eyes blazing, its spoon-like ears turning to and fro like radar dishes, its white whiskers twitching and moving like sensors; its black hands, with their thin fingers, the third seeming terribly elongated, tapping delicately on the branches as it moved along." -from The Aye-aye and I by Gerald Durrell.

A few posts back l inserted a photo of this animal. I had no idea as to what it was but the terrified stare of the thing fitted perfectly with what l was posting about at the time. Anyway many of you asked what it could be so l went hunting but came up empty.
The other day my brother and l were talking, we were both looking at the animal together and he knew immediately what it was. He said, “ l think it is called an Aye-Aye, they’re primates that live in Madagascar.” Wow- he was right. My brother is a fountain of knowledge on the weirdest of things- he never ceases to amaze me.
So l did a search on the Aye Aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis) and came up with tons of information.

Here is what it sounds like LINK
Wild facts about the Aye-aye LINK
The Aye-aye is the rarest of the Lemurs and are classified as critically endangered.
Aye-aye movie clips HERE

So now we know ;)

'George Bush - the Wilderness Years'


Margaret said...

Hello, thanks for information on the little "beastie". I was very interested and did a search when you first posted but came up with nothing. now I know!! thanks for you visit.Cheers Margaret

Tammy said...

LMBO at the George Bush comment....
I don't think I want to click over and here what it sounds like, I do have to stay in this big ol' house by myself tonight, but for my new kitty which needs a name...come on over and help me, friend!

Grish said...

Lol cute. NOT..:P

PEA said...

Oh sure, it's 11:40 p.m. my time, I'm almost ready for bed and now I see this...this...this...THING! lol Glad you were able to find out exactly what kind of THING it is...still looks scary! lol Hugs xoxo

Sling said...

HA!...I was mostly right!...sorta..

Sigrun said...

Hi Horizon, I can only see the half blog on your side, may be tomorrow it is better.


somershade said...

He looks alot better a little older and more hair.I love the movie that he was in.He lookseven lovable on film.

The Dog said...

That is the weirdest looking little dude. He needs some herbal tea.

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