Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Vibes and Jives

We have had a wonderful few days here at home- thanks all for the lovely comments left and well wishes too. I thought of you all just before heading to bed on Christmas Eve, presents laid out under the tree, the twinkle of the lights reflected in the window ~ standing there in the silence pregnant with suspense. I thought about the different times of day or night around the world and what you all might be doing ~ whatever it was and wherever you were l pinged out first-rate vibes across the horizon.

Christmas morning was magical, even with the usual haystack of wrapping, early tangerine peelings, etc.; the place was filled with warmth, love and the enticing aroma of roast turkey! It did my heart good to see the kids getting along so well and everyone chipping in to make it more special. I couldn’t wait to put in my new CD of ‘Boney M’ music gifted by G. This was music that l grew up with in the 1970’s – disco music wrapped up in bouncy reggae rhythm! You should have seen mouths drop open as l boogied around the room, singing out the lyrics- LOL.

Daddy Cool HERE & Rasputin HERE

Sam was over the moon with all of his presents but especially with the key that he found ~ the one that Santa dropped – a magical key! Last year Santa had left footprints in snow (talcum powder) that trailed from the chimney but this year he forgot his key ~ silly old boy.
Now Scotland is gearing up for the big one- Hogmanay. Unfortunately the weather outside is blowing a hooly, not a fantastic outlook especially for those who have purchased tickets for the bigger city events.
I’m away now to memorise all the verses to ‘Auld Lang Syne’ – l don’t want to be left speechless when the bells chime and everyone crosses arms to sing in the new year. If you too need to practice then you can sing along with the Karaoke HERE.
Photos below of some special Christmas moments. On Christmas Eve my mum came up with my brother, his wife and their wee baby Sorley.


Susie said...

Love all your family photos! Looks like a wonderful festive Christmas!
You must tell little Sam what a fierce pirate he makes!

UKBob said...

Hi Horizon, Its nice to see all the pics and hear about what a good time you all had. Its funny you should say about the Boney M cd our daughter Fallon got that for Christmas at her own request. Bob.

Pretty Lady said...

I love all of your pictures and I am so happy to read about your happiness. If you don't hear from me during these next days I may be busy with the new year celebration but I want to wish a great new year 2007!!!!! YEAH!!!!!

Pretty Lady said...

I love all of your pictures and I am so happy to read about your happiness. If you don't hear from me during these next days I may be busy with the new year celebration but I want to wish a great new year 2007!!!!! YEAH!!!!!

Pamela said...

Aww, Horizon, I love your elequent writting. You had me wrapped around your family tree. lol The you posted those wonderful pictures and all I can say is "which on would make the prettiest Christmas card"! Your family looks like they really enjoyed that darling little bundle of joy too! What a cutie! :)

MissKris said...

Looks like you have a treasure of lovely Christmas memories to tuck away in your heart, dear friend. I can say I survived Christmas this year but I am so thankful it's behind me. Here's hoping we both have a good New Year ahead of us! ((((HUG))))

Sorlil said...

nice pics... can't believe how much you and J look alike!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah ~~ Great stories and photos of your family Christmas. I am so glad you all had a wonderful time together.
I had a great week with Kathy and her family, but it is good to be home.
Thank you for your comments and also your friendship over the year. I would like to wish you and your husband and family a very Happy, Healthy and a
Prosperous New Year in 2007. Take care
dear friend, Love, Merle.

Grish said...

Love the pics!

Kate said...

those pics are beautiful, whoever the photographer is did a marvelous job!!! That one pic, is my favorite ,looks like a postcard( the 2nd. one under Family Christmas 2006) Happy New Year !!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

I just bloghop here from...I'm not sure from where... but I stopped at once when I saw your location. I just LOVE Scotland and your wonderful, most fantastic highlands!

We've been in Scotland 2 times, last one in 2005 and we're defenitely going back there some time again.

First time we were driving around in the east coast and up in the highlands and second time on the west coast and the highlands.

We love the Scottish B&B's. Scottish people are very friendly (and polite!) as we've experienced it so far.

There is so much beauty to discover in Scotland and, I say it again, we just LOVE it!

Happy New Year and Hogmanay from little old Sweden :-)

Kentucky Gal said...

I loved all of your Christmas pictures!!
Your tree is lovely!!
The wee baby is a doll!!
In case I can't make it by later...Ya'll have a Happy New Year!!

Hliza said...

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos of yours! Glad Christmas brought all of you together!

Cathy said...

What lovely photos!
And I can't believe it (well I can really), but I also got the BoneyM cd for Christmas and have been dancing around to it ever since!
Happy New Year, dear friend.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello dear Horizon. Lovely family pictures in this postings. I send you very good wishes for a happy new year and may health & happiness be yours throughout 2007. I hope you are not getting too bashed about by these gales on this New Year’s eve. Not good here. Marion

Sigruns German Garden said...

Happy new year, Horizon from Germany to Scotland!


Kerri said...

What a warm and wonderful atmosphere your Christmas photos have. I especially love the last one with your mum and the little ones. What a precious baby Sorley is!
Glad you had such a happy time together and made some beautiful memories.
I don't like the sound of that weather forecast. I hope it wasn't too bad and that you had a very Happy New Year.
May your year 2007 be filled with God's rich blessings throughout.
Love to you dear friend xox

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