Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Christmas!

The photo above is of my home town taken a few years back. Unfortunately it does not look like we are going to get snow for this years big day which is a little sad. This past year has been the warmest year overall for Britain ever recorded! l wanted to check in here and wish you all the very best and apologise if l have not got around to commenting on your blog sites. This certainly has been a busy time.
So from my home to yours, have a lovely Christmas with your family and friends ~ take care and enjoy! l will be thinking of you all.

My Scottish Blogging friend, Claire tagged me to do this meme
5 Things you may not know about me

1. I always read at bedtime with a Horlicks hot drink and eat ‘old fashioned’ boilings & aromatics that l hide under the pillow. Last month l read, ‘The Nazi Officer’s Wife’ by Edith Hahn, ‘Labyrinth’ by Kate Moss, ‘Midnight is a Lonely Place’ by Barbara Erskine and at present am reading another Barbara Erskine called ‘House of Echoes’. My favourite was ‘Labyrinth’. Sometimes l even read using a torch- LOL.

2. I am actually a very shy person. The internet is a wonderful medium for people like myself to make friends and project themselves. In reality l keep myself to myself, can hold my own in social gatherings but am really very shy.

3. It is very important to me that my family do family things. I love camping, and this Christmas will drive my kids crazy with board games, home movies, and lots of silliness inside the house etc.

4. I cannot ignore good architecture and design when l see it- it truly inspires me and so l talk about buildings and interiors with my children all the time and drive them batty.

5. I can make a terrible mess when l am being creative- makes my poor hubby cringe ☺ Glue, paper, scraps, everywhere!!! Everything l do – l do with all my heart- no half measures. ☺ l work intently on each project whatever.

Another blogging friend, Connie did a post on what Christmas movie you just can't miss each year. For us it is tradition to watch a 'A Christmas Story'.
This is a wonderful story set in the 1940's America about a wee lad called Ralphie who is desperate for a BB gun at Christmas. So many funny scenes like when the father wins the 'leg' lamp and the Christmas dinner at the Chinese restaurant- wonderful. Ralphie as an adult narrates throughout the film.
[narrating] Some men are Baptists, others Catholics; my father was an Oldsmobile man.

The magic of Christmas for me is sharing it with the children, especially wee Sam. Below he is pictured painting his ceramic Santa.
Merry Christmas all !


Susie said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Sweet little Sam looks like he's having a wonderful time painting Santa.
Children and Christmas make this such a wonderful time of year.
Your friendship means so much to me!
love and ((hugs))

Hliza said...

I knew it all of you in the family are just so creative and artistic! Little Sam is as old as my son..but my son can't even colour his books in more than 1 colour! Merry Christmas Horizon..nice knowing you..all these things you've listed about yourself makes it easier for us to love and appreciate you!

Kerri said...

I consider you one of the sweetest blogging friends I've made this year Horizon. Thanks for such thoughtful posts. I always feel blessed after visiting you.
Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your lovely family.
Much love xox

MissKris said...

Hello, lovey! "A Christmas Story" is my all time favorite Christmas movie too...not too far removed from the decade of my early childhood, which was the 1950s. I loved the photo of wee Sam...we'll be videotaping wee Dylan Christmas morning. Just coming by this evening to wish you and your loved ones the most blessed, peaceful, joyful, and loving Christmas ever! (((((HUG))))

Pretty Lady said...

Merry Christmas!

Kate said...

Have a Meryy Christmas in Scotland!The pic of your village looks colddd...burrr.......

Kentucky Gal said...

They show The Christmas Story movie for 24 hours you love it so much check out this is a tour of the house used in the movie made in Cleveland Ohio
...and have I ever told you I would love to pinch wee Sam's cheeks...he is such a cutie!!
Love and Hugs to you and yours and I wish you a Wonderful Christmas!!
Love YOU!!!

Kentucky Gal said...

there...that's better...oh and I may have to check into your sleep!!

Kentucky Gal said...

there...that's better...oh and I may have to check into your sleep!!

Kentucky Gal said...

well darn...but the last of that web address keeps cutting is supposed to read
sorry about that...and sorry about the double comment...argggggg!!

Grish said...

Merry Christmas!

Sharon Kay said...

I wish you a wonderful Christmas and A blessed New Year. I am so glad I have ment you through this little blogging world we have and look forward to many happy and fun times of telling each other what is happening in our little corner of the world. I hope Santa will be good to Sam.............Sharon Kay

Kate Moss said...

wuhooo! nice post here.. :)

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Anonymous said...

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Sonia said...

Merry Christmas to you and all your family!
Love, Joy, Health and Peace!

Lorraine said...

Happy Christmas, Horizon and blessings on all in your house.

Sling said...

Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family horizon!

PEA said...

Dearest Sarah...wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!! A couple of days late but I'm just now finally catching up with everybody. I so love the picture of Sam painting his ceramic Santa:-) Tell him he did a WONDERFUL job with it!! I also have to watch A Christmas Story every Christmas...I had to laugh though while at my son's...on Christmas Day one tv station was showing that movie for 24 hours soon as it would finish, they'd show it again...ALL DAY! lol Much love xoxo

Anonymous said...

Today was a complete loss. So it goes. I've just been letting everything wash over me.
- o
spaghetti alla carbonara

Anonymous said...

Looks good! Well done. All the best!
- j
spaghetti alla carbonara

Merle said...

Hi Sarah ~~ Great stories and photos of your family Christmas. I am so glad you all had a wonderful time together.
I had a great week with Kathy and her family, but it is good to be home.
Thank you for your comments and also your friendship over the year. I would like to wish you and your husband and family a very Happy, Healthy and a
Prosperous New Year in 2007. Take care
dear friend, Love, Merle.

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