Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cut down to size :) 11.5ft! LOL

Outside there's a pine tree standing straight and tall.
It need no decorations--nature's done it all.
Pinecones on its branches with icicles glistening bright,
Snow upon its needles and birds at rest from flight.
I see it from my window, and take the time to say,
Thank you for your beauty, tree, on this Christmas day.

It has been a busy day this end, posting of cards, shopping, cleaning and cooking. l made a Somerset pork casserole for tonight with fresh asparagus so the house smells wonderful.
Had a difficult time signing into blogger earlier but will get around to visit you all ASAP.

Photos below of the tree.
It is so lovely here in the evening when the fire is on and the scent fills the room ~ the twinkly lights make it feel very cosy too.
Keep well all.


Pamela said...

Love the beautiful poem! Your tree is gorgeous! 11.5 ft., Wow! lol Glad you made it work. You did such a nice job decorating it. Funny how once you decorate them they just come to life and seem to have a personality all of their own.

HORIZON said...

Thank you Pamela. The kids and l really enjoy putting the bobbles up, we play Christmas music and sing along. I have to be careful though when l water it that the lights are not plugged in-lol- l may just come to life then!

Val said...

Ah, lovely tree. My youngest daughter has a birthday on 11th December, so never do the tree till later. Ours is sitting in a bucket of water out in an outhouse till we get around to it.

Is that a spinning wheel I spy there? I have a Wee Peggie but havent done any spinning for a good few years now. I do miss it though.

Sue said...

What a nice tall tree and I can only imagine how wonderful the house smells!
Your Christmas card idea is a good one!
Quite clever!

Sling said...

Santa is coming!...I can feel it. :)

PEA said...

Oh Horizon, your tree is just gorgeous!!! I can't believe how tall it is though...mine is 7 1/2 feet tall and it can't go any higher because our ceilings are 8 feet high! lol Love all your ornaments on it...just beautiful! Hugs xoxo

clairesgarden said...

love the tree!

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