Thursday, December 07, 2006

Remember You're A Womble!

Last night l headed to bed early as you know from the below post- hubby sent me packing ☺.
Anyway l slept well and dreamt much. Strange sort of dreams of old shows l’d watched as a child- all quite nostalgic. l could remember the theme songs and even the lyrics! Funnily enough l thought that the theme tune to ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ would run smoothly with a key change into the theme tune for the ‘Wombles of Wimbledon’. So in effect l was dreaming of music and modulations. What did l eat?
The Wombles were ahead of their time in the 1970’s- they recycled everyday rubbish in useful and ingenious ways even before we knew about the word ‘green’! Why didn’t more grown-ups watch this show?
Link HERE to some other shows l watched in the 1970’s.

“Between 1975 and 1995 Jimmy Saville made children's dreams come true each and every week. Through the infamous catchphrase, "Jim'll fix it!" Saville would read a child's letter aloud and promise to make or her dream a reality. The series ran for 19 long years, and forever a place in the heart's of an entire generation of children.” TV.COM

The days are drawing in now- it is getting dimpsy* before 4pm and by 5pm it is pitch black. Good news is that these early nights make it easier for heading to bed early so l am off to read for a bit and then dream- l wonder what of tonight?
Bests all

* 'Dimpsy' for that time of night when darkness is just beginning to fall, a sort of in between time after the sun has gone down but before the light has finally failed.


Pretty Lady said...

I was telling Jim about the timer and he laughed and thinks that I will forget why the timer is ringing, he lost hope on me. LOL. Also congratulations to your brother and sister in law for their first baby.
You were asking about the cooking We both love to cook and we both do a lot of exercise because we eat alot. LOL.

Sue said...

I'm glad you told what dimpsy meant. I hadn't heard that one. That makes for very short days and very long nights!
Sweet dreams tonight!

Grish said...

The days are really short here. I am missing the feel of summer...

Tammy said...

none of the shows looked familiar to me but looked like fun shows...hubby just brought me a piece of candy...hmmm what does he want now?? Son brought home two cats...for his!!

Merle said...

Hi Horizon ~~ What a clever husband you have !! And what explicit dreams that
you have !! I don't think we had those
shows in Australia, but they sound good.
I hope you got your cards done, I have
done about half of mine, hope to finish today. Glad you liked the woman's joke,
I had to laugh at the 9 months delay !!
Congrats to your brother and his wife on the new arrival. It is a busy time so don't worry too much about commenting.
Take care dear friend, Love, Merle.

Sling said...

"Jim'll fix it"..Bless him.
Dimpsy is a wonderful word,I shall make it my own...Pleasant dreams.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Jimmy Saville sounds like he did a wonderful show. Love your new look and that stamp is priceless LOL


PEA said...

Aren't dreams so amazing?! I have done the same thing, dreamed of old tv shows that I had almost forgotten about!! Makes you wonder WHY we would dream such a thing! I've never heard of the ones you mentioned but they do sound delightful. Hugs xoxo

Kerri said...

Goodness girl, your brain never shuts off! Creative even in dreams it is.
Our days are exactly like yours and our weather seems very similar. I must check and see if we're in the same latitude.
Dimpsy....great word, I love it!

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