Friday, June 02, 2006

Cultivate Creativeness

Melissa & Samuel
Sam (4yrs.) just gave me a gift,
“Here’s a little horse for you mummy.”
Made of sweetie wrapping and fashioned by his own wee hands ~ l think it is wonderful.
My daughter Melissa is also very creative, she designed this butterfly hat last year(Sam modelled it for her).


Hawkeye The Noo said...

How about a thor or dragon helmet; something with spikes or horns on it for the wee fellow. Or even a spider hat with 8 legs crawling down his face. lol

Kerri said...

Lovely kids. How sweet little Sam is, and Melissa is clever. That's a very creative hat. She's quite an artist.

slap me happy said...

Well well well what can I say ??? Madame butterfly is a talent to be reaconed with.
Even butterflys take time to evolve on their own but then they leave their cocoon the emerge in beauty.
Life is sometimes easier than we realise it just takes a little better thinking.
Work smart not hard.
There once was a man who tried to help a butterfly emerge from its cocoon, he helped peal away the hard parts of it's seeming cage only to release it before it was strong enough to spread it's newly formed wings and fly.
I guess we just have to work out when to help and when to let nature have it's growth.
Oh gosh enough of this serious crap back to my funny bone.
love you RR and M-Sweet xxx

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