Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Today has been a varied mix of sudden chills and bursts of activity. I am desperate to finish off Mel’s room and as there was no one else around l set to work on laying the carpet ~ a bit of foolish spontaneity. Ok l almost passed out but am quite pleased with the results.
Sometimes you are glad that the family are not around especially when their rooms are as temporary dumping areas during times of re-arrangement ~ you can see by the photos how cluttered they were ~ managed to get it all out again before they came home though. Mother Magic!
My son Daniel has worked across the water from 5am till 8pm today setting up huge tents. He was so exhausted when he got in so showered, ate and is already in bed ~ another early rise tomorrow. I am proud of his outlook on this summer job ~ he sees it as both a challenge and an opportunity to put money away for University. We are proud of him and glad he is moving into manhood with a work ethic and not sitting around expecting ‘entitled’ handouts from the State. Sure there are many people who need and depend upon deserved Benefits but there are also many spongers.


Tammy said...

You've been tagged with a 7's meme!!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Good Morning Horizon....
I hope you feel well rested after your arduous tasks of yesterday, I know the feeling! I say well done to Daniel too, a credit to you.
Thank you for visiting my blog recently, I’m just getting round to responding to the comments left for me. Pleased you liked my garden, it is just so glorious to be out of door at this time of year isn’t it. Marion

slap me happy said...

Hi sis,
loved the pic Dan looks so mature now. Suits his Tee also.
Bomb disposal are not up to speed with their responce times huh
love to all

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