Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Friendship Forever Green

Like many others I had a very dear friend when l was a teenager. Sadly this friend had to move away overseas with her family ~ we were both broken hearted. We wrote for a while, years passed and life moved on. Occasionally l would think of her, wonder how she was doing, do an Internet search- no such luck.
One-day l was messing around in Google, doing a bit of family genealogy, l typed my maiden name in and WOW someone was looking for me in UK Villages. It was my old friend- after 20 years we finally got back in touch!
We each have three children and both of us named our youngest Sam (Samuel & Samantha)- how lovely. I still have all of our old letters and my friend sent me this picture of me when l was 15yrs. – taken at a dress up party with our church group- l think l was ‘The woman at the well’. My Mum still has that old vase.
This poem is for my friend who lives far away and also for the lovely friends that l have made in Blog World.
FRIENDSHIP Time goes so fast Life asks so much No wonder friends get out of touch But in our hearts, Deep, True, Unseen Friendship stays Forever Green


Merle said...

Hello Horizon ~~ I am so glad you found your friend again and I love your trip video. Clever girl. You looked good at 15, as you do now. Thanks for the comments, glad you enjoy the posts.
It seems nearly everyone thought that
the Socceroos were robbed. We didn't really expect to win, but to lose like that was not good. Thanks for your
concern and rage. Take care, Merle.

Grish said...

Boy, what luck! It must be nice to have found here after all of this time.

Peter said...

Hi Horizon, or should that be Lo Horizon, glad you enjoyed the visit to holtieshouse, please call in anytime you are in the area.
I'm not sure that Merle and I share the same sense of humour, but it's fair to say we both have one.
BTW, "Message in a Bottle" is one of my all time favourite films.


check it out !

HORIZON said...

I lived in Maine at the time they were filming Message in a Bottle Peter. Only a 15 min drive from where l lived- l drove down that way so many times in the hope of bumping into Kevin Costner and Paul Newman.
I have that film in my dvd collection too- nice story.
thanks for dropping by

Tammy said...

It was meant to be...just like our blog friendship...I have no idea now how I actually found you...through someones blog links I'm sure...but boy, I'm glad I found you...You are a great friend!!!
Cute woman at the well!!

Marsha said...

That is really cool. A few years back I ran into a friend I knew in the 6th grade. Her husband and my husband are in the military. One day I went to see my husband at work. My friend was there with her husband. We both looked at each other and it was "Oh my gosh, I know you!!!" It was fun.

PEA said...

I'm so happy to hear that you two found each other again after all these wonderful!! I have a childhood friend I've been looking for, for years now and so far no luck...I still have all the letters she wrote me after she and her family moved away when we were 16 years old. They started moving place to place and eventually we lost contact. She was like a sister to me growing up in our teens so I'd love to find her again!!

somershade said...

Was a great surprise to find her that way.

Thanks for the encouraging comment about our kids.I'm with you in heart.My daughter is starting colloge next year.

slap me happy said...

Hi sis ,
love the picture,I remember you that way. It is hard to see that we have aged so much not in looks but heart huh. What a beauty you are, and your my sister, my big sister and I love you. You will always look like that to me sis.
Talk to you tonight
I love you

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

You both were looking for each other, how wonderful that you found each other after all this time. Friendships are hard to break.

I have friends that I would like to locate but don't even remember their last names...I tried searching through HS directories, but with no luck. I'm sure I would remember the last name if I saw it.

MissKris said... first time here, popping in from Tammy's site at "Kentucky Gal". How funny...I've had the same thing happen to me recently, coming across an old friend from my hometown. She spotted my name on a Classmates site and emailed me, wondering if I was the Kristine she'd known when we were young girls. I first met her when we were 6, lost complete contact with her when I was 17, I think it was. We're now both 53, both grandmas. My parents are both dead, hers are both living -- our parents were all friends, too. Unfortunately, the many years since we last saw each other and the different paths our lives have taken haven't left us with much in common but we do email back and forth a little bit now. Loved the photo of Daniel...what a handsome son! We have neighbors down the street who are very proud of their Scottish heritage and he's quite often outside in his kilt and very involved in the Highland Games held here in Portland every summer. This has been a lovely visit...I will be back, Please stop by and say hello...the door is always open at my place! :-)

Kerri said...

I love this photo! You're pretty as a picture :) How very wonderful that you and your friend found each other again after all those years.
Those are the best kind of friendships. Love your poem.

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