Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Demon Decorator

At moment I'm in mid-week of number 6/ monthly mood.

Recap of June so far:

(1ST) Fix phone wiring that went in electrical storm, boiler man out/boiler fixed
(2ND) Total clear out of Mel's room into our room, sleep in cramped quarters for now
(3RD) Continue decorating Mel's room, sand down, paint, etc..
(4TH) Car boot sale, rip up old carpet, take loads of stuff to dump, gloss
(5TH) Start to feel sick, sore throat, think it must be the paint fumes
(6TH) Lay carpet in place, house is a tip!
(7TH) Carpet fitter arrives, does nice job, l move furniture back into room
(8TH) Visit to Doctor- Tonsillitis!
(9TH) Strip varnish off wardrope, lovely old wood, all boys stuff gathered and put into back room/ Mel's stuff too
Note to self: Interior Design- NO Interior Landscaping- YES!

(10TH) Hubby decorates hall/paint & gloss, move all books and bookcase from top landing, (order wood for bookcase project for coming weekend), pack holiday bags with Dan. Daniel spills paint on hall carpet- arghh- spend an hour trying to get it out!
Mel at a Frenzy 2006 concert in Edinburgh.
(11TH) Empty out front room (Dan's room), spend time up back weeding garden, tidy out shed, , G. makes lovely Sunday dinner, finish the evening with family up back/glass of wine.
(12TH) Start work on front room. Dan leaves at 2am with his mates for holiday in Spain.
(13TH) TODAY: Waiting on new bunk beds to be delivered, painting front room, carpet guys arriving later to give an estimate on hall carpet etc.

And not to mention, kids, food shopping, cooking, washings.......
Oh the fun :)

But there's always a creative side to me; even when it's quiet musically, it comes out in some other direction, like painting or decorating or planting a garden or writing a children's book or putting on make-up like a Kabuki artist.
Carly Simon


Tammy said...

So, that's where you've been...lmbo!!
You busy little bee you!

PEA said...

I'm sneaking in through the link on Tammy's web site:-) I've just finished reading some of your posts and thoroughly enjoyed them all...I hope you don't mind if I come visit you often:-) Sounds like you've been very busy...hopefully you'll find time to relax soon!!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

And you find time to blog too! That's some list of achievements, well done.
Thanks for popping over to see me, I'm still amazed you found the time, but it was nice of you to leave a comment.

Hasn't it been hot! yesterday was a little cooler thankgoodness. Marion

somershade said...

your making me feel really lazy :)

Just found out who sis was,cool!

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