Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sense of Smell

It was my mother-in-laws birthday on Tuesday and so l ran down the town to find a nice gift for her. I ended up getting mum a wee floral nightie as she spends time off and on in a care home. Last time l was visiting, dad had sent me out to get a few things for her but l could not find a decent nightgown. We used to buy mum perfumes and creams but over the past few years she has lost her sense of smell ~ I think that is such a shame.
Earlier l was taking a soak in the bath and enjoying the fragrance of my conditioner with mint and tea tree oils- invigorating! I thought about all the other smells that l enjoy, fresh baked bread, real coffee, newborn babies, jasmine and stocks by the front step, etc. Of all my senses l think the hardest for me to lose would be my sense of smell.
Isn’t it amazing how we also associate smells with events? I remember when my grandfather passed and we were taken over to my uncles to say goodbye (in Scotland the body can be kept at home so family can pay their respects). My aunt had used a ‘Shake and Vac’ powder all through her carpets and to this day l cannot smell that scent without associating it with grandpa’s passing and that visit in particular.
On a lighter note yesterday l bought a lovely ‘plug in’ fragrance, Cherry Blossoms and Magnolia ~ the hallway is ambrosial!

  • The sense of smell plays a vital role in our sense of well-being and quality of life.
  • A woman’s sense of smell is keener than a man’s – especially when pregnant.
  • The nose is the one part on the body that keeps on growing ~ arghhhh- no!


PEA said...

So many of us take our sense of smell for granted. Like you, certain smells are associated with events that happened in my life and every time I smell that scent I'm brought back to those memories. When it comes to skunk or garbage smells, though, then I need a clothespin on my nose! lol

Sue said...

You are so right, that the sense of smell can trigger many memories for us (both good and not so good)
My Mom had lost virtually all her vision in the years leading up to her death and that was also very hard.
It made it hard or impossible for her to do the things she enjoyed (read, knit, sew, cook, drive, garden, etc)

HORIZON said...

G's poor mum is blind as well- she is such a lady but it must be hard to lose both sight and smell- awfull. Mum turned 93!
Thanks for stopping by Sue- l find it hard to keep up with all my blogger friends but will try and pop by later. So busy at home just now with kids and am picking my husband up again tomorrow- have missed him.

Tammy said...

Due to a sinus condition that flairs up quite a bit I can go long stretches without a sense of was scary really when I lived in apartment with a gas water heater...I would think~what if there was a leak...I would never smell it and just die!!
Nothing I can do about it~~but aaaaahhhhhhh when my smeller does decide to start working...every scent is intense...even the bad ones :-O

slap me happy said...

I have one smell that reminds me of your home in College station sis, the smell of christmas air fresheners lol the holly and berries one does it for me every time, good memories lol ready to go 24 hour shopping anytime again lol.I'm too sexy......

Kerri said...

I was just showing Ross the limo post and then he ended up here. His comment after reading the last fact was: "Just think what Prince Charles will look like when he gets old!" I'm having so much fun this morning :)
He loved the limo too :)
This is so true about the sense of smell....right now I'm smelling burnt toast...time to clean out the toaster!

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